Fifth Grade Falcon Family News Mrs. Vaagen's Class

Welcome back from spring break! I hope everyone enjoyed their time off relaxing and spending time with family and friends. I spent the week in Arizona with my family and was so excited to come home to sunshine yesterday! We have a lot planned this week so make sure your student gets plenty of rest each night! Here are all the details:


The next four sections of unit 8 will cover line plots, perimeter and area of rectangles, cubic units and volume, and visualizing volume through computation of the volume of a rectangular prism. Following this, students will explore volume formulas, relate length, area, and volume, discover volume of composite solid figures, and finally study attributes of quadrilaterals. This is a very intense unit as students have already learned a great deal about metric and customary units of measurement. It is very important that students use their homework to practice these nightly skills as all will be on upcoming SBA testing in May.


Students are continuing to make inferences to understand narrative nonfiction stories. They are also working to point out important ideas and supporting details to produce summaries. Students use schema to articulate all they think they know about a topic before reading the text. They are working together using student talk to develop giving reasons for their opinions through use of evidence. Students will hear and discuss a new book this week entitled Harry Houdini: Master of Magic. This is a narrative nonfiction that is also a biography from which students will draw inferences and build summaries. They will also apply these skills to their own individual daily reading time. Please continue to have your student read nightly for 30 minutes in order to build on comprehension and fluency skills as well as meet AR goals!

Vocabulary and Spelling

Vocabulary will be a bit different this week as we enter a week long unit allowing students to guide their own learning! I'm especially excited about this as many students have asked to add vocabulary and spelling bonus words each week! I think the students will be happy to have an opportunity to focus this week on the activity "Share a word". Students will all be responsible for sharing and teaching new daily words that they discover either in their reading of texts or from conversations with classmates, or family. They will have an opportunity to share and teach new words with peers and the entire class. As always, we will have new spelling words this week and a spelling quiz on Friday! Make sure your student studies nightly so he or she is sure to spell and define words accurately.


This week we begin a 6 week long unit in fiction writing in which your student will draft, revise, and publish their own stories. They will hear a variety of fictional stories to gain understanding into how authors get ideas and put stories together. Students will focus on integrating character, setting, and plot into their stories. They will also include transitional words and phrases, and create strong endings. Punctuating dialogue and maintaining first and third person point of views will also be areas of focus in good fictional writing.


We saw some serious plant growth occurring before break in our terrariums. Students made sure to observe, measure, and collect data on growth just before spring break. We then re-watered our plants and covered them in plastic so they will hopefully be alive and well tomorrow when we return! Upon our return, students will again observe and document all changes in their 5 plant types and again measure growth before our insects arrive into their new homes!

Important upcoming dates and reminders
  • April 17th: PTSA Meeting 6:45 pm in Library
  • April 19th: Talent Show Rehearsal 6:30 pm
  • April 21st: Early Dismissal and Voice Groups
  • April 3 - 28th : Hit a home run for reading Aquasox Reading program: Be sure to sign your students goal each week!
  • April 24-28th: ME Food Drive
  • April 27th: ME talent show at 6:30 pm
  • Please return the outer envelope of your student's report card so it can be reused!
  • A big thank you to ALL the parents who donated snack and supplies. It helps out so much and your kiddos really benefit from it! Thank you for all you do.
  • Christina Vaagen


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