Timbukto, Mali BY: Mackenzie,Yinia, Emily


We decided on growing a Sweet Potato because we can make a lot of other foods out of it, such as mashed sweet potatoes, sweet potato fries and sweet potato pie.

This is a picture of mashed sweet potatoes with almonds.

the crop sweet potato is a good crop because for breakfast we could have sweet potato pancakes. and maybe for dessert sweet potato pie. then for lunch any thing really. then for dessert sweet potato pudding. and then last for dinner sweet potato salad. in between we can have a snack of sweet potato fries. this is good because it is easily grown.this is actually very healthy. sweet potato contains vitamin A. about 438% of vitamin A.this would sustain our family for a long time if we get lots of ground water we could provide at least enough for our family and the crop or crops.this would keep us full and having no lack of protein.

SWEET POTATO :this plant does not need lots of water just water weekly and that should be enough.this is the reason how we would balance the water that goes to our family and to the plant. so we stay equal with the only ground water we could get. and then get water from cacti. We would walk around and try to find a cactus and cut it open and use all of the water we could get from it and we would just use the dirt from the ground

the issues of the sahel is that we barely any water. so we have little amount for our crop and for my family or community .and also the soil is not very good to plant but we could try our best to grow the sweet potato and from my research i learned that this crop does not need lots of water .so we would not need to worry.also meals about 7 sweet potatoes would feed a family of 8.so it depends how much we have.we will need about a good amount of soil and not that much water. and for meals every plane has airplane cookies we would smash them up to make the cookie crust. and for pancakes we will of course use milf butter as far as we need to do this


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