Volunteering for Sustainable Development

Whether it is in Canada or overseas, the work that we do greatly depends on the generous spirit of our volunteers.

This year, more than 1,000 Local Committee members on 95 campuses across Canada have volunteered their time to raise awareness on development issues, and provide postsecondary education opportunities for refugee students on Canadian campuses.

Through the Uniterra program, a joint initiative of WUSC and CECI funded by Global Affairs Canada, about 325 Canadians have contributed to increase empowerment, employment and incomes for youth and women this year by sharing their skills and expertise with over 200 partners across Africa, Asia and the Americas.

Hear it from our volunteers

We recently reached out to our network of volunteers and asked them to submit a photo of a concrete action they have taken, and a description explaining how it contributed toward a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable world.

These inspiring actions by international volunteers of the Uniterra program and members of our Local Committees on Canadian campuses have become part of our travelling #OneWorldInAction photo exhibit.

“Our Local Committee organized a fashion show featuring only ethically made clothing to raise awareness on unethical labour in the fashion industry. We also used the evening to promote fair trade and local initiatives in Winnipeg focusing on ethical consumption, to highlight ethical considerations in the consumer choices we make everyday.”

Daniel Denton Member, WUSC Local Committee at the University of Winnipeg

“The Kechua-Lamista Indigenous community of Chirikyacu has developed a community-based rural tourism experience involving agriculture, crafts, customs-sharing, local associations, local guides, catering, and accommodation. The community wishes to promote the tourism experience online, directly to visitors.”

Karine Tremblay Uniterra volunteer in Peru

This photo by Alfred Ruffner, submitted by Karine, won the competition’s People's Choice Award.

“Myriam inspires me and supports me through various projects. At any time, I can see her leading the zero-waste and the Fairtrade thematic weeks, pushing to make our CEGEP greener, and supporting the environmental action and consultation committee (of which I am also a member). She gives her best on a daily basis to raise awareness about environmental issues and find alternatives with us, the young people. She represents a model of determination, support and social involvement."

Zy St-Pierre Bourdelais Member, WUSC Local Committee at Cégep du Vieux Montréal

“Mama Naomi recounts how proud she is to see her daughters go to school every day thanks to the help of GENET, a partner organization of the Uniterra program. During my collaboration with the team, I facilitated training on communications best practices for storytelling and sharing success stories related to GENET initiatives for girls' access to education in Malawi.”

Elizabeth Matte Uniterra volunteer in Tanzania

Find out more about the inspiring actions of our volunteers on Instagram and Facebook or download the whole gallery.

Volunteering is a transformative experience

Beyond the professional and personal development experience individuals gain through volunteering, and beyond the rewards of witnessing the transformative impact you can have on different communities, volunteering connects you to like-minded individuals from many different backgrounds.

Intercultural and intergenerational exchanges enriches the lives of anyone who generously choses to contribute their time towards a better world for all. Volunteering has the power to change one’s vision of the world by leading people to discover new perspectives on global issues. It fosters creative problem solving through solidarity and knowledge sharing. Volunteering lifts individuals and communities up in so many ways.

You, too, can make a difference and live a transformative experience.

The Uniterra program is funded by Global Affairs Canada.

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