The Harn Museum A look at how art plays an integral role in the good life

The piece of art that I chose to further talk about is by Joel Shapiro. This piece used a bunch of different white bronze poles to form an abstract shape. Seeing this piece in person really helped to bring out the abstract multi-dimensional shape of the bronze. The way the different pieces of bronze stacked and laid on one another would be difficult to see in a picture online or even in the picture I provided. The art made me realize that things can appear to be crazy and random but with careful analysis one can see that all of the pieces come together to make a stable, balanced whole. The artwork kind of made me feel satisfied with my life in a sense. The way that the random, asymmetrical pieces came together to from this magnificent, well-balanced piece kind of made me realize that even when life seems crazy and unpredictable, it will always have some sort of order and harmony to it.

The wing of the museum I chose to talk about is the Asian wing. I specifically chose this section because of its wide open layout of the art. Each piece of art seems to be evenly spaced out around what seems to be the main piece of the exhibit, the Buddhist sculpture. The seemingly perfectly laid out pieces help to create a zen like mood in the room. Because its not so cluttered, it allows the viewer to openly walk around and really take their own time looking at pieces, without feeling too overwhelmed or cluttered.

The next piece I chose to talk about is St. Jean's Bay by Leon Kroll. This piece depicts a coastal village on St. Jean's bay. Most of the people are doing recreational activities: they're lounging around, talking with one another, and fishing. This relates to a core value that I find really important: there always needs to be time for you to do what you want to do. If someone spends all of their time working and not doing anything to relax they'll be too high-strung to enjoy life. This piece helped me realize that relaxation is relative. I chose to spend my free time just hanging out with friends, whereas one guy in the painting decided to fish in his spare time. It makes me feel at peace and helps me to better appreciate the free time I have.

The final piece of art I'll talk about is Jim Twadell's Place by George Wesley Bellows. This artwork depicts the home of a horse trainer in a rural landscape. With careful analysis one can see how this piece relates to the theme of Seeking the Good Life. Jim Twadell and his spouse want to achieve the good life just like everyone else does. In this painting, Jim is believed to be working with the horse while his wife, the woman in the picture, is taking care of domestic issues such as looking after the house and taking care of the animals. To them, these activities will help them eventually achieve "the good life." This piece helps me understand that everyone has a different version of the good life. To some it's about being super rich and famous, yet to others its simply about surviving on their own and being happy (even in a completely rural setting).

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