F Series by FilmGear® A new line of affordable faceted HMI's hit the North American market

Introducing the F Series

The F Series by FilmGear® is the new faceted HMI to keep on set. It’s a powerful and versatile lighting tool for crews of all sizes. The F Series enables lens-less, focusable lampheads that unify the advantages of a PAR and a Fresnel providing maximum light output. The F Series features a full line ranging from 18kW down to 800W.

Los Angeles, CA - FilmGear's new North American branch, Film Gear USA Group will be showcasing two new faceted HMI's from their F Series family, the F12k and F6k. FilmGear will also be showing off their latest Mega Motor Yoke model rigged onto their F18k. See the new models at this years 2019 Cine Gear Expo LA, located at booth # 205.

Available for purchase at www.filmgearusa.com

Unleash the true power of the sun with the F Series!


NEW-About the F12k & F6k

The F12k outputs up to 12,000W of power with a precise colour temp of 5600K. FilmGear's industry changing F12kW HMI par with faceted reflector requires no lenses and is a high-efficiency daylight booster discharge light that approximate the colour of sunlight. FilmGear's new line of faceted HMI lighting fixtures are built with corrosion resistant extruded and die cast aluminum to maximize body strength and create a lighter fixture weight for ease of use. Complete F Series systems include 300Hz and 1000Hz flicker-free Electronic V3 ballasts. The F Series provides an optimum choice for productions requiring maximum light output at an affordable price. Combining the variable beam spread of a fresnel and the light output of a PAR, the F12k and F6k use a unique reflector concept for beam control which eliminates the need for spread lenses. In the past light technicians used HMI 12K lamp bulb on the F18K or used an HMI 6K bulb on the F9K to cut down their budget. The result are an inaccurate lighting output that is not good enough. The reason is because each Faceted Par has it’s own specific design reflector and is only suited for the designed lamp bulb to achieve the best results. Therefore, FilmGear® specially introduce the F12K and F6K to meet our filmmaker's need for quality lighting without compromising the output due to budget restrictions.

F12k & F6k Spec Sheet


NEW- About the Mega Motor Yoke

The FilmGear® Mega Motor Yoke offers remote pan, tilt and focus for large daylight and tungsten fixtures. It can be operated from using a simple analog control or DMX control. The interlock system built within allows for the fixture to be adapted to the Mega Motor Yoke quickly on location. The stirrup allows for different adaptors that can accommodate ALL FILMGEAR® lighting from 6kW ~ 24kW. FilmGear's Mega Motor Yoke is the only piece of intricate engineering of its kind that has now become available in the U.S. and Canada market.

Mega Motor Yoke Spec Sheet

About FilmGear®

Film Gear is a team of inspired filmmakers who bring quality and affordability to every production no matter the size. We grew from a small rental shop in Hong Kong into our very own full- service manufacturing equipment company supplying industry professionals, rental houses, and sound stages globally. Since then our lights have illuminated the visions of over 250 films.

In 2018 we launched Film Gear USA Group to continue contributing our decades of engineering to the movie-making industry throughout the North American Market.


To learn more about our company or products, please contact

Joanna Or, CEO/President | Joanna@filmgearusa.com

Lixe Hernandez, Marketing & Sales | lixe@filmgearusa.com

Frank Sotelo, Operations Manager | frank@filmgeausa.com

323-780-8880 | 9528 Rush St, Suite A. South El Monte, CA 91733 | www.filmgearusa.com


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