Qin Dynasty P.E.R.S.I.A Ranking By jordyn oyola

1. Economics

The Qin Dynasty was strong economically with the use of silk. Silk helped China be put on the map when it came to trading. They were popular for silk allowing them to be able to earn money or other goods from other countries. These goods and riches were things that made China able to make things to further China.

2. Politics

Coming right after economics is politics because they created the first dynasty and they had the first emperor. This was one of their strengths because the emperor allowed China to make it further in many categories. One example is the created idea of foot soldiers and horsemanship. Another example is when the emperor thought of using the Min river to prevent any future droughts.

3. Artistic

This was a strength of the Qin dynasty because they created many statues and pictures that are still looked at today. One important accomplishment for the Qin dynasty was the tomb of the terracotta army. In this tomb, there were thousands of separately made soldiers guarding the tomb.

4. Religion

Religion was an important aspect of the Qin dynasty. This allowed people to worship what they believed in. People believed in things such as Legalism and Chinese Folk Religion. These religions were worshiped by many.

5. Social

Socially, the Qin dynasty was not as strong. This is because during the Qin dynasty rule, there were slaves and peasants who made up a lot of the population who worked for the rich people in China. Also, the Qin dynasty did not give enough to their peasants.

6. Intellectual

The Qin dynasty was not as strong when it came to intellect. This is because they did not focus on school. They also had many slaves and peasants as said before which were people who could not afford to learn hurting China intellectually.

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