Construction and Architect Update Scarsdale Moves Forward

An Update On Our Architects

As you may know, Scarsdale Public Schools in February entered into an agreement with a new architectural firm to complete and implement the District’s Facility Master Plan and any projects for future bond work. The Scarsdale Board of Education voted to approve the agreement at its meeting on Monday evening, February 13.

The new firm is BBS Architects & Engineers (BBS), a nationally acclaimed and award-winning architectural firm based on Long Island. BBS has completed over $3 billion in public construction and is considered to be one of the top educational facility designers in New York State.

The selection of BBS came after an intensive process which began in December 2016, when a Request for Proposals (with a due date of January 18) was sent to 48 school architects in the region and advertised in the New York Times. A total of 18 architectural firms submitted formal proposals.

The RfP encompassed architectural and engineering services for the planning, design, and construction phases for all upcoming capital projects, including the possible major renovation/replacement of Greenacres Elementary School. Specifically, the RfP sought the following services:

  • Planning, design, and construction phases to address various renovations and improvements at the District’s numerous facilities
  • Developing creative and innovative approaches in the renovation of older buildings, while maintaining their historical character, when appropriate and as needed
  • Developing creative and innovative solutions for 21st century educational facilities

The 18 proposals were then vetted by District administrators for adherence to qualifications listed in the RfP, as well as other desired qualities. Because all New York public school districts’ major capital projects must be approved by the New York State Education Department, firms without experience in that process were excluded. Additional consideration was given to design aesthetic, renovation and new construction experience, collaboration and problem-solving skills, and time and resources available for the District’s current and ongoing needs.

After multiple reference calls, a top tier of candidates emerged: BBS Architects & Engineers, KSQ Design, Peter Gisolfi Associates, CS Arch, and a partnership between Geddis Architects and Dattner Architects. These candidates were recommended to the Board of Education for interviews.

The new architects, BBS, have been busy becoming familiar with all of our facilities. They are currently in the process of meeting with each building's leadership teams to become acquainted with intricacies of each building operations, space utilization and programs. In addition, BBS's engineers are touring each building to confirm and/or adjust spacial measurements and to identify current status of building infrastructure and systems..

Our Construction Progress

Here is a summary of our construction and improvement work so far:

Middle School:

  • One 12” storm pipe and one 6” storm pipe were uncovered during footing excavation. The 12” pipe was directly in line with the new foundation wall. Both are being extended/re-routed.
  • Site drainage manholes and piping were completed in early March when school was closed for winter break.
  • Footing excavation and formwork for new footings and foundation walls are continuing. Completion of “Phase 1” footings and walls is anticipated for the end of March.
Drainage and piping work at the Middle School

High School Boiler Room

  • New hot water supply and return piping installation is ongoing.
  • Concrete pads for new equipment have been installed; waiting for delivery of equipment.

High School Learning Commons

  • New footings for the new mezzanine area have been completed.
  • After-school demo work is continuing, which has taken longer than anticipated due to existing structural steel conditions and additional abatement work.
  • Structural steel drawings were submitted and returned (R&R) as per existing discovered conditions. The contractor will resubmit steel work drawings next week. Steel work is approximately four weeks behind.
  • Additional abatement work was completed when school was closed for winter break.
  • Existing floor patching/infill is proceeding.
  • Electrical roughing is ongoing.
  • Ductwork installation started the week of March 5.
  • Installation of new Gym wall began the week of March 5. The climbing wall will be ordered pending color selection approval.
Work on the High School Learning Commons

Fitness Center

  • Electrical roughing for new power, data and lighting is substantially complete.
  • Ductwork is scheduled to begin shortly.
  • The new HVAC unit is scheduled for delivery in April.
  • Framing is substantially complete.
  • Work is continuing on ceiling height revisions and possible layout revisions to accommodate existing conduits, piping and ductwork.


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