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The State of Madagascar (Malagasy)

Madagascar was recently named Malagasy which is the Austronesian language of Madagascar. Madagascar's government before it was overthrown, was a republic government state. A republic government is a form of government in power is assigned to the people.

Government Overthrown

Andry Rajoelina

Madagascar's government was overthrown on January 26, 2009, 8 years ago. Those who were involved were Andry Rajoelina, the former president of Madagascar, Andry Rajoelina's supporters from Africa, and President Marc Ravalomanana, Madagascar's president during this time.

Marc Ravalomanana
Andry Rajoelina's supporters

What Happened when it was Overthrown?

Malagasy Political Crisis

The main conflict of what happened on this day, is when previous Mayor, Rajoelina, declared that he was in charge of being the new leader and president of Madagascar and will set up a new and better transitional government for Madagascar. Marc Ravalomanana resigned as Madagascar's president in 2009, and gave power to the military soldiers after they violently disturbed his offices in the Capital that day. Mayor Rajoelina arranged protests for food prices, and new government. He also brought thousands of African people from other states in Africa into violent arguments with the government forces.

Government After Being Overthrown

Madagascar Democratic Republic Flag

After Madagascar's government was overthrown in 2009, their new government formed into a democratic republic government. A democratic republic government is a type of government based on the principles of a constitution in which officials elected by the people represent the people in the legislative and governing processes.

Madagascar's Population Map

Population Map
  • There is more land on the East side of Madagascar because people who lived in Madagascar would live on the East side where there is land.
  • There is more river on the west side of Madagascar because, people lived on the East side of Madagascar, while the rivers of Madagascar were on the West side.
Physical Map
  • There are many mountains because Madagascar has many mountains in Africa.
  • There is more river in the north and south, and more land in the west and east because Madagascar is a land made up of states, rivers, and mountains.

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