1000 Degrees Pizzeria Celebrates a Grand Opening in Kennesaw, Georgia By Karlie Dobbs

On the morning of Feb. 21st, 1000 Degrees Pizzeria opened their doors for the first time in Kennesaw, Georgia. This is a restaurant where you can build your own pizza or you an order what is pre-made on the menu. However, with it being the grand opening of the restaurant, it carried a lot of perks.

If you were part of the first 10 customers to get in line, you would receive free pizza for a year. For every 100th customer, you would also receive some kind of prize, such as a 50 dollar gift card. As the day would progress, it was said that for when children would retreat from school, they could get their hands on some balloon animals or get into some face painting.

However, in order for anyone to even get in on the fun, it as going to be a long wait. However, despite the chilly weather and light rain, customers were determined to get their free pizza. Some had even waited since the night before, which was crazy, but so worth it. What made matters better, because we were standing outside and they wanted to get the line moving quickly, we were all given something to fill out.

Courtney filling out her recipe guide for her pizza. (Picture by Karlie Dobbs)

As we all stood in line, the marketing manager passed out these small slips of paper that were recipe guides. This was where you could choose exactly what you wanted on your pizza and I kind of went a little crazy when it came to mine.Because I love vegetables, I ended up ordering a pizza with a pesto base, mozerella, grilled chicken, bell peppers, banana peppers, mushrooms, minced garlic, jalapeños, spinach and fresh basil; but I mean, hey! It sounded like a really good pizza and I was excited to try it.

At the stroke of 11, the doors had finally opened to the public and the restaurant began to fill up with all of the customers who had been waiting all night and day. After handing over your recipe guide to the pizza staff, you could stand and watch as they built your pizza from scratch with all kinds of sauces, meats and vegetables before placing it into their 1000 degree pizza oven.

My pizza being created. (Picture by Karlie Dobbs)

After trying my pizza, I can easily say that it was some of the best pizza I had ever tried. I’m not usually a big fan of pizza because of the amount of heartburn I expierience afterwards, but, this pizza was something I would be willing to take that risk for. Everything they topped the pizza with was fresh and I like that there was not a limit to how much you could add on your pizza. I would definitely reccomend this place to anyone who has not been yet; you are in for a treat!

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