Apple By: Erika Schmidt

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak Inventer

  • They created computer in highschool
  • Idea- microprocessor and terminal into one
  • He created apple in 1976
  • Symbol=rainbow until 1997 - crystal white
  • computer to iPad-iPad to iPhone
This is the first apple logo!!!

How Apple came to be

  • Jobs garage was their first workshop
  • Jobs and Wozniak meet in collage
  • attended school in computer science
  • they got turned down over 6 times
  • finally they succeeded

How they got enough money

  • Wozniak sold his car---$1,500
  • Wozniak sold his calculator---$250
  • Altogether plus a little extra=company
  • Store built in 1977

Apple products

  • apple logo - one of keys-iMac
  • 2003=1 million i pods were sold
  • mp3 player shorter version of--iPod
  • 22 different kinds of iPods
  • 1st iPod---2001
  • iMessage pad=newton
These are iPods from 2001

Steve Jobs

  • Teen years -cancer= tumor on pancreas
  • 6 months to live=actually just surgery
  • 2003--blood sugar problems
  • found another tumor-got surgery
  • He's all hhealed up now


  • 14,517 employees work for apple
  • 1985 they reached 1 billion dollars
  • End of year --- sold over 15 million phones


  • 2012--most valuable around the globe.
  • 1980---apple became public
  • It's market was 1 billion dollars
  • In just 1980 apple became a big success
Apple was very famous around the globe.


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