A Hike Through Colorado By Elizabeth Rosenthal

My family is an outdoor family. We love to spend time outside when the weather is nice, and we love to explore. With that in mind we decided to drive to Colorado and spend the weekend outdoors hiking. We spent time as a family, without cellular data, and enjoyed our quiet time together, exploring God’s creation.

The trip started a little rocky. Even though my family loves the outdoors and loves playing sports, we were not prepared for the challenges that awaited us while climbing up hills and rocks while wearing backpacks. At first there were definitely a lot of rest breaks and faces of confusion on why we chose to go hiking in Colorado.

“The best view comes after the hardest climb.” -Unknown
My sister laying in her hammock

After climbing for what seemed like an eternity, we had been gifted with the most magical view. After our climb, we rested by laying in our hammocks and enjoying even more nature. Not only were we able to enjoy the looks of nature but also the sounds.

We did not rest long. Who could when you can hike to see the view of the mountains and the lake while standing on top of a cliff?

The lake and mountains seen from the cliff

We couldn’t just look at the lake and other mountains, so we hiked down to set up camp. While we took in the view of the vast lake and the mountains, my sisters and I spent time messing around and just being normal sisters.

The clear, blue lake in the morning

In Nebraska there are not many places where you can wake up to a clear, blue lake and trees surrounding it. Waking up in the morning to this view was definitely a first and one of my favorite things about the hiking trip. All the struggles of hiking up to this point were worth it.

Some people say the sunrise is better than the sunset, but I say sunset is better. You are able to see the colors of the sky blend in with the clouds and as the light disappears you can see everything more clearly. This view is one of the last I remember from our family hike, and I am lucky I was able to capture it in a photo.

“In every hike with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.” -John Muir