DTC #47: Rock The Grave Legends of rock and roll pave the way for your haunted rocking night out





Wander amongst the dead in search of rock legends.

Slurp up noodles and classic Italian dishes at a neighborhood joint.

Groove to vinyl tracks and sip on specialty cocktails at a revamped music industry hang.

Wrought with scandal since day one the cemetery opened in 1899. Throughout the years it was run by convicted felons, gangsters and ponzi scheme failures. It’s a miracle it’s here today.
Stop 1

Walk amongst the dead OF ROCK N ROLL

• 4:45pm til sundown •

Passing under the arches of the Forever Cemetery instantly transports you to an underworld of beauty far removed from the Hollywood hustle and bustle of moments ago. The seemingly endless rows of fallen loved ones looks almost impossible to navigate. Eventually you find the honeypot, the Garden of Legends. Johnny Ramones statue catches your eye first before you see the new resident Chris Cornell right next to him. Walking down to the lake you’re greeted with the happiest statue of them all, Mama Irene. Rounding the lake is a serene walk complete with swans and other grave searchers. Almost opposite Johnny Ramones grandiose set up lays his bandmate Dee Dee, a more humble low key site adorned with fans drinks they shared with their icon. After you’ve soaked in your share of the dead make a B line out the back gate to enjoy a neighborhood local food legend.

Stop 2

This must be the neighborhoodplace

• After Sundown •

Entering Osteria La Buca you’re happily greeted by the hosts making you realize why you’ve driven by here so many times and never stopped. Posting up at the bar you soak in the comfortable atmosphere before delighting at the Italian menu presented by your friendly bartender. Ricotta appetizers, classic pizzas and homemade pastas adorn a treat list for the ages. After ordering you immediately become intertwined with the friendly vibes of the waitresses and feel like home. Just then your cacio pepe arrives smelling of that sweet cheesy delight you’ve been waiting for. Bite after bite the buzz increases around you as the neighborhood begins to stir for it’s night out. When you’ve had your last nibble, you’ll be ready to get a buzz of your own.

Stop 3

Drink and hang at A New Rock Legend

• After Dinner •

Pulling up to this particular corner of Santa Monica Blvd. you see a Hollywood of old that’s still holding on. Confused if you’re in the right place you bravely walk into the newly revamped Gold Diggers. Once inside you’re relived to see it’s not peddling smut but also got the best vibes in town. Vinyl jams are played from behind the bar as musicians and industry folks alike post up drinking PBRs and hand crafted cocktails. Pull up a seat and chat up the barman about his daily grind before he makes you a delicious concoction. As you meld into a new Rock n Roll palace the stage becomes set for a band or DJ to take you into another realm. Time to rock the night away…

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