Character chart By: Mealony Vang

Nick Carraway is the main character and the narrator. He lives in west egg but moves later to become a bonds man. He father told him never judge so he was known as "nonjudgmental" but he is. His cousin is Daisy Buchanan.

Nick and Daisy are cousins

"A small,flat-nosed Jew raised his large head and regarded me with two fine growths of hair which luxuriated in either nostril"(p69).

Nick Carraway says he doesn't judge. Soon in the book he makes fun of how the Jews look. In the qoute it explains how he talks about their nose. Carraway says he is "nonjudgmental" but the qoute is an evidence that he is.

" and gold like new money...."

Red & gold

Nick has strength and he is wealthy.

Nick changes by how he help his cousin in a bad way.

Gatsby is the main character. The story is mostly about him. He meets nick and asks for help because of Daisy. Gatsby and Daisy used to have a past together but he was shipped off to war. The book soon reveals that his real name is James Gatz and his parent are farmers. He had changed his name when he was seventeen. He worked with a man named Cody who had soon died. Soon Gatsby had inherited the money.

This picture demonstrates how Gatsby and Daisy still love and care about each other.

"He wanted nothing less of Daisy than she should go to Tom and say: "I never loved you""(p109).

Nick explain that Gatsby wants Daisy to say she never loved Tom. In this qoute it shows you that he cares for her and really want her to stay with him. Gatsby soon later says he wants the past, which was him and Daisy to be alone. Also for things had not to changed.

"...caramel-colored suit"(p64).


The caramel suit shows Gatsby confusion.

Gatsby change in 1-6 chapters is that he lies about himself. Also he goes a bit to far with Daisy.

Tom is married to Daisy Buchanan. He is very aggressive. He is having an affair with Myrtle Wilson. He is caught cheating many times by Daisy. Tom is really a abusive to Daisy and Myrtle.

Tom and Myrtle having an affair

"Making a short deft movement,Tom Buchanan broke her nose with his open hand"(p37).

Tom is known as a aggressive man. In the book, Tom tells Myrtle to stop saying Daisy name but she didn't so he broke her nose in front of everybody. This qoute explains that Tom isn't a good man. Also it shows that he is really short tempered.

"...bright rosy-colored space..."(p7).


This describes how Tom house is power and self worth.

Tom changes when he cares that Gatsby knows Daisy.

Daisy Buchanan is married to Tom Buchanan. They live in east egg. She had a past with Gatsby. When Gatsby was shipped off, it cause pain toward her. She soon meets Tom who had millions of money. They married but before they got married she gets a letter from Gatsby. Daisy has a child which she doesn't really know about. Tom cheats on her but still she wants to stay with him.

This Demostrates Gatsby and Daisy's love. After reuniting they are having an affair.

"They were so engrossed in each other that she didn't see me until I was five feet away"(p74).

In this qoute Jordan explains that Gatsby and Daisy's love. She explains how Daisy loved him so much that she didn't pay attention to her surroundings. The qoute is about how they used to be together in the past but now they aren't because she is married to Tom Buchanan.

"....Daisy's white face came...."(p110).


Daisy is pure and innocent

Daisy changes in the story by how she was innocent then changing into a ignorant person.

Jordan Baker is golfer. She likes to lie. She is dating Nick Carraway because she thinks he isn't clever. Her best friend is Daisy Buchanan. She lives with her Aunt but like to come and stay with Daisy and Tom. She live in west egg.

Jordan dates nick

"...I put my arm around Jordan's golden shoulder and drew her towards me and asked her to dinner"(p79).

This qoute tells you that Jordan and nick are dating. She actually dated nick because she thinks that he isn't clever. She lies to him and makes seem like it's not a big deal.

"...Jordan's golden shoulder.."


Jordan is having hope and enlightenment

Jordan changes into a talkative person into a lair and manipulater.

Myrtle Wilson husband is George Wilson. She has an affair with Tom Buchanan. She is in the working class. Myrtle is desricbe with beautiful body but ugly face.

Myrtle affair with Tom Buchanan

"She had changed her dress to a brown figured muslin, which stretched tight over her rather wide hips as Tom helped her to the platform....."(p27).

This qoute explains how she tries to impress Tom. She wears this dress to show off. Also it gives you a clue that she and Tom are having an affair. Since Myrtle is having an affair with Tom she thinks she can't do anything and she can get anything.

"...spotted dress of dark blue..."(p25).


The color describes how Myrtle is tacky and cold.

Myrtle changes when she meets Tom and become more affectionate.

George Wilson wife is Myrtle Wilson. He works hard for his wife. He tries to support her but he doesn't know that Myrtle is cheating on him. He is in the poor working class.

Tom helps George with the car

""No, he doesn't," said Tom coldly. " And if you feel that way about it, maybe I'd better sell it somewhere esle after all"(p25).

This qoute explains how Tom helps George. He gets kind of cold to George. George thinks Tom is gonna help him so he can have a better life with his wife, Myrtle Wilson. The qoute states that Tom is just making fun of George because he is a poor working class man and he can't support his wife like Tom could support his wife (Myrtle).

"...his dark suit and his pale hair.."(p26).

Black & White

George fears of losing his wife. Also his cowardice of not knowing the affair. Also feeling empty because of Myrtle.

George changes in the story by how he becomes more hopeful when Tom helps him.

Meyer Wolfsheim is a gangster. He is involved with many bad things. He takes people's teeth and make a neckolence with it. He is known by Gatsby which he soon meets nick carraaway.

Wolfsheim meets Gatsby and nick at a speak easy, which explains how Gatsby and Wolfsheim know each other. Also that Gatsby had done something bad with Wolfsheim.

""He turned around in the door and says:'Don't let that waiter take away my coffee!' Then he went out on the sidewalk, and they shot him three times in his full belly and drove away""(p70).

Wolfsheim is involved with many things. This qoute explains how one of his friend died my a shooting. It shows that he has not a very good terms with others. Also he does things that we might or might not know.

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