Scientific Research Jack Kenzakowski -- Class 2 -- May 13 -- Genus: Haliaeetus

reproduce - to produce offspring

Bald Eagle with a nest built for its offspring

Dr. Alan Afton is a professor at Louisiana State University and he is currently studying the history, migration, and nesting patterns of bald eagles in Louisiana. He wrote History and Nesting Population of Bald Eagles in Louisiana along with Nickolas Smith and Thomas Hess Jr.

grow & develop - to increase in size or number of cells

Fully grown bald eagle with its babies who have not developed yet
Growth and Development of baby bald eagle

Bryan Watts is the director for the Center for Conservation Biology of William and Mary as well as VCU. He is currently researching the development and habitat selection of bald eagles.

use energy - goes through the process of cellular respiration (by eating food and breathing)

Bald eagle eating a fish
Bald eagle food chain diagram

Albert Lawrence Bryan is a professor at the Odum School of Ecology at the University of Georgia. He wrote Behavior and Food Habits at a Bald Eagle Nest in Inland South Carolina along with Lara Hopkins, Carol Eldridge, and Charles Jagoe.

maintain homeostasis - able to maintain balanced internal body conditions, like temperature

Bald Eagle using feathers to keep warm during winter
Bald Eagle Feather Diagram

William Reiter-Marolf is part of the Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management at Iowa State University. He wrote Environmental contaminants in excrement of Iowa's nesting and wintering Bald Eagles along with Stephen Dinsmore and Julie Blanchong.

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