Being A Mom maya wheeler

When your baby is on its way, it's called being in labor. The first stage of labor begins with contractions which will continue until you are dilated up to ten centimeters. When you are fully dilated it means that your cervix is fully stretched out and prepared to give birth.
You may need to have a cesarean birth also known as a "C Section," if there are any health concerns surrounding your pregnancy. Cesarean births can be safer for both the mother and the child.
After your birth regardless of wether or not if it was a "C" section, your babies umbilical cord will need to be cut from the placenta. Your baby's umbilical cord contains cord blood that helped your baby grow and develop. Your baby's cord blood contains red and white blood cells, platelets, plasma, and is incredibly rich with stem cells.
When your baby is born it is crucial to bond with them. Breastfeeding is a good way to bond but so is cuddling and reading to your baby. Reading to your baby can also help build a wonderful network of words in your baby's brain.
If your baby is born prematurely (before 37 weeks), they may be kept in an incubator until they are fully developed. This can make it harder to bond with your baby but you can increase your bond with affection in terms of singing to your baby or talking to them. Hearing your voice will comfort your baby as well as leaving your scent. It's recommended that if your baby is in a NICU you ask one of the nurses what kinds of cloth items would be acceptable to place in your baby's NICU. It's then recommended that you sleep with the item or wear it tucked under your clothing for a day.


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