Pax By: Sara pennypacker

It is possible to overcome your past, change, and start over again.

People can change.

Someone can change if they try hard enough. A character in the story Pax who changed was Peter. Since Vola pushed him, he became stronger and more brave. For example, she made him to push ups with a broken foot. Also, she gave him advice that could teach him that change is ok. After she helped him, he knew how to stand up to his father and was brave enough to let Pax go.

Pax is not a tame fox anymore.

Another character who changed in the story was Pax. Pax is not a tame fox anymore. He showed that he was a tame fox in the beginning in many ways. For example, he lived in a house, he had a toy soldier and he would never run, hunt or do anything a wild fox would do. Towards the end of the book, Pax showed he was a wild fox in many ways. For example, he would hunt, run, and swim. He became like this because Bristle taught him how to be more like a wild fox.

Vola killed someone in war but she changed.

When Vola was in war, she killed someone. She never forgave herself after that and punished herself. But by the end of the book, she helped her change and so did Peter. For example, when she was helping Peter, it made her realize that she could change too. Helping Peter made her realize she is not a bad person.

"No. I don't want you to stay. I'll leave the porch door open, but you have to go." (276)

Pax walking into a woods

This quote was said by Peter to Pax. This quote shows that Peter changed. In the beginning of the story, the author showed us how much Peter cared for Pax and that Peter treated Pax like family. In the book it states that Peter said anywhere and anytime, whenever he is with Pax, it's home. This quote tells us that now Peter realizes that Pax needs to be independent and he thinks that living in the wild is better for Pax. If it weren't for Vola, Peter wouldn't have the courage to let Pax go. Vola helped Peter believe in himself and helped him become stronger in many ways. She changed him.

"No matter how bad things got, we could always make ourselves new again."(117)

People can start over no matter how bad the situation is.

This quote is telling us it is ok to change. Even if the situation is hard to handle, there is always a way to change. Peter has changed throughout the story. For example, at first, he wasn't a brave character and didn't know how to stand up for himself. But, by the end of the book, he was an older, wiser, and tough character.

Baseball bat Vola made for Peter

This symbol represents change because Vola made the bat so that Peter wouldn't think about his mom anymore and change his thoughts.


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