Atlantic Forest South-East A Unesco World Heritage Site

We need to save this Forest From being all gone.

Atlantic Forest is located along the Atlantic coast of Brazil from Rio Grande do Norte State in the north to Rio Grande do sul in the south. Five hundred years ago the Atlantic Forest covered approximately 330 million acres { about twice the sizes of Texas, but now more than 85% of Atlantic Forest has been cleared and what is remains is highly fragmented. There around 2,220 species of birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians-5% of the vertebrates on e

This are making the world a bad place, because one day we going to cry about why did we cut down all of this tree for.

The Atlantic forest is one of the most diverse and biologically rich forests in the world, but also one of the most highly threatened. It comprises a unique series of South American forest ecosystems which have long been isolated from the Atlantic forest´s larger and more famous neighbour, the Amazon rainforest.

We cutting down tree to make farm land, but we not thing about the animal that live there and hunter there.

If the Atlantic Forest wasn´t protected all of those animal will not have no home. They will homeless and later on dead, because they wont have no food to eat and no home. Some of those animal just live in the Atlantic Forest. The Atlantic forest was twice the sizes of Texas, but seen they started to cut down the tree and plant it only 85% of the forest is cleaned off. We need to protected the Atlantic forest. If we don´t protected the site it going to be all gone by for your eyes.

There is only 7% of Rain forest left.

If you planing to take a trip to the Atlantic Forest, you will first land in Sao Paulo and then go to the Atlantic Forest. The fly will cost you like around $300-$700 dollar for a fly here and back. Here a website ( It had some good tour and packages and more.

The closes city to the Atlantic Forest.
The Three or two toe sloth are coming out of the forest, because they can´t find food.

We all need to get togethere on save the Atlantic Forest. If the Atlantic forest would be gone all of this animal will dead like: the puma, ocelot, Brown-throated Three-toed sloth and the Woolly spider Monkey. All of those animal will be gone and never see those animal. We need to take care of it and save. There in a point in life that we might not have any forest, because we keep cutting the tree down.

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