Pain A Poem about abusive animal testing

The stinging of the needle takes the breath out of me. They hold me in their hands, if only they could see
Their hold is too tight. It squeezes, I’m suffocating. I struggle with all my might, to take away this pain they are creating
“I hope this works” they say, as they rub the lotion over my shaved skin. “It’s burned a mouse earlier today.” Oh, what pain I'm in.
I’m sure they can hear my squeals, as I feel a searing pain surrounding me A scalding fire is how it feels; I didn’t know how awful this would be.
The puppy next to me is laying on the ground, whimpers escaping his mouth and fading. How heartbreaking is that sound? He feels pain with every breath he’s taking.
What are all of these tests for? Makeup, lotions, botox injections? All I know is that pain is in store, just to darken a woman’s complexion
Millions of us, every day, undergoing invasive tests.And we’re forced to stay, for the betterment of the rest.
The rest, being, the human race. And the material things they chase.


Created with images by sipa - "color rat rat rodent" • fotoblend - "syringe needle injection" • Pexels - "dog schnauzer laying down" • stevepb - "thermometer headache pain" • Dan Zen - "Fire!" • Shan Sheehan - "SAD" • WerbeFabrik - "cosmetics make up makeup" • *pascal* - "Profil du gros mulot" • strecosa - "hare animal rabbit"

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