Art Words What Does Art Mean to You?

Learning Targets

  1. Understand how art impacts different people in different ways, and express what art means to you.
  2. Use complex patterns and color to create contrast.

Step by Step

Start by talking with friends, and coming up with words that describe what art means to you.

Choose one word that describes what art means to you, and write it in large, neat handwriting.

Carefully wrap an outline around the shape of the word.

Color this shape with a BRIGHT color for contrast. This will be the ONLY part of your picture that is colored.

Wrap more aura outlines around your word.

Fill each layer with a different pattern, but leave one blank white space around your word for increased contrast.

Created By
Noel Newquist


Created with images by Nathália Rosa - "untitled image" • Pablò - "I should have put some gloomi bears on the dart board to make the game more entertaining. While we're on the subject can we change the subject now? Okay, I keep missing the board . . . maybe its the cerveza, no?" • Nathália Rosa - "untitled image"