Can you do this? Google Basics Survey Results

For my survey I did weird genetics people have. I am trying to figure out what people can and can't do with their fingers or ears. I surveyed 8 people in my Google Basics class. Boys and girls both took my survey.

this shows the males and females that took my survey.
This pie graph shows that only 7th graders took my survey.

My first question was "Can you wiggle your ears?" Five of the people I surveyed said no they can't wiggle their ears. The other 3 people said that they can wiggle their ears.

This graph tells you who said no, yes or I'm not sure.

My second question was " Can you make one eye go forward and have one go left or right?" Six people said that they couldn't do it. One person said that they could do it and one person said that they weren't sure if they could do it.

This shows how many people said yes, no and I'm not sure.

My third question was "Is your ear lob attached?" Five people say no. Two people said yes, that it was attached. One person said that they didn't know if it was or wasn't attached.

Shows who said no, yes, and I'm not sure.

My fourth question was "Can you make your eyebrows do the worm?" Four people said no. Two people said yes and two people said that they have never tried to do it.

My fifth question was "Can you pop your fingers out of socket?" Four people said no. Three people said yes and one person said that they didn't know.

My last and final question was "How known was parting your fingers into a V shape? I used a scale for this question. I had the people rate it from a one to a five.


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