Moments that Matter July 2019

Career, Activity, & Community Launches New, Innovative, Community-Based Options

Thanks to grant funding from the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, and the support of our subject-matter expert Tim Vogt of Starfire, we have developed and are implementing new, innovative models that will inspire life journeys by helping individuals cultivate valued roles and engage in their communities.

Our goal is to transition our program from a traditional facility-based model with community options to one that eliminates facility-based services and instead, provides support directly in the community.

Here's how it works:

Current and new individuals receiving services through CAC will choose a focus area: Career, Activity, or Community.

Career - Two options available that are designed to meet the unique needs of each individual:

Exploring Community Employment

  • Designed to help individuals develop skills, explore opportunities for employment, create resumes and participate mock surveys with employers.
  • This fully community-based model serves a maximum 4 individuals at a time with one staff who is highly trained in providing employment related outcomes and support.
  • The individuals participating in this prototype will experience individualized opportunities for employment exploration within community business networks through skill development and job seeking.
  • Skills to Pay the Bills educational curriculum will also be offered to individuals in various community settings.

Connecting to Employment

  • Designed to help individuals apply for, interview, obtain, train, and maintain community employment.
  • Individuals will receive one-on-one support from an experienced, and highly trained Employment Connector.
  • As individuals progress and develop, we will begin to fade our support; instead, encouraging natural support networks and independence through the use of existing community resources.

Activity - Opportunities for individuals who need support in their transition to full community-based services:

  • Designed for individuals who enjoy community experiences, but who are hesitant to be in the community full-time.
  • Individuals can participate in the weekly Community Connections planning group which will generate ideas for things they'd like to experience in the community.
  • Individuals in the Activity model will receive support from our Innovator staff who will help them explore their passions and help them develop the confidence needed to transition into the community.
  • The CAC team will meet with each individual at least quarterly to review the other options available for career and community-based experiences.

Community - New On-the-Go's (OTG's) offer individuals the opportunity to build valued roles, explore interests, and make connections entirely within their communities, eliminating the need to come to our building each day.

On-the-Go #1 - Leisure

  • This small-group OTG provides opportunities for those who have leisure-related community goals to have fun while exploring their interests and develop friendships.
  • Individuals are supported by a dedicated and experienced Community Connector.
  • Individuals are picked up at home, spend their entire day in the community, and are returned home in the afternoon without ever having to come to the CAC.

On-the-Go # 2 - Volunteering & Community Service

  • This small-group OTG offers individuals interested in community participation opportunities to serve their communities through volunteering and membership in Individuals are supported by a dedicated and experienced Community Connector.-related organizations.
  • Individuals are supported by a dedicated and experienced Community Connector.
  • Individuals in this OTG are also picked up at home, spend their entire day in the community, and are returned home in the afternoon without ever having to come to the CAC.

On-the-Go #3 - Leisure Hybrid

  • The leisure hybrid small-group OTG shares the same goals as the leisure OTG, but provides additional support for individuals who due to medical and personal care needs, require use of lifts and equipment.
  • Individuals are supported by a dedicated and experienced Community Connector.
  • The leisure hybrid group will be in the community for the entire day, returning to the building only for medical and personal care needs.

On-the-Go #4 - Health & Wellness

  • This OTG is focused on the health and wellness goals of the individuals who participate.
  • Individuals who have health and wellness goals will participate in a variety of activities available through existing community networks such as the YMCA, Metro Parks, and Weight Watchers, among others.
  • Folks in this OTG are also picked up at home, spend their entire day in the community, and are returned home in the afternoon.

On-the-Go #5 - Community Exploration

  • This OTG focuses on exploration for those who haven’t yet had many experiences in the community on which to base their interests, desires, or goals. This exploration is designed to assist individuals with identifying their passions so they can begin to work towards achieving them in the community.
  • Individuals are supported by a dedicated and experienced Community Connector.
  • Individuals in this OTG are also picked up at home, spend their entire day in the community, and are returned home in the afternoon.

On-the-Go's #6-8 - One-on-One Individualized Support

  • The remaining OTG's all provide one-on-one, individualized support.
  • The individuals participating in this model will be paired with a Community Connector who will help them achieve their goals by linking them to existing networks and resources in their communities.
  • Individuals in this OTG will also be picked up at home, spend their time in the community, and be returned home without needing to come to the CAC.

Early feedback from the individuals who are currently participating has been great! Look for updates on the progress of these new models in future editions of the newsletter!

If you or someone you know are interested, please contact our Program Manager, Amy Yerian!

AccessABLE Community Garden Farmer's Market Opens for the Season

On July 2, 2019, we held our first Farmer's Market of the season!

Thanks to generous funding provided by the Mid-Ohio Foodbank, the AccessABLE Community Garden is hosting twice weekly Farmer's Markets to provide our community with FREE fresh fruits and vegetables!

Stop by our Farmer's Market (directions) every Tuesday and Friday from 10:30a-1p and check out all that we have to offer!

Columbus City Council Hosts Westside Community Meeting at CCHS

We were proud to host the Columbus City Council for their Westside Community Meeting on June 27th! It was a great turnout, and gave the community a chance to voice their opinions about the issues important to westside residents.

Our Last Fishing with Friends was the Most Successful Yet

Despite the constant threat of rain, our last Fishing with Friends event was a success! Almost everyone caught a fish, and many caught more than one!

Thanks to everyone who participated or volunteered their time, and a special thanks to the Ohio Division of Wildlife for their generous support which made all of our Fishing with Friends events possible!

CCHS Launches Weekly Drum Circle

Inspired by a community drum circle she witnessed in Florida, CCHS' Executive Director has launched a new weekly drum circle at CCHS!

Our drum circle is a safe and inclusive space to de-stress, have fun, and feel the warmth of the community!

We'd love for you to join us! Happening on Wednesday's at 11:30am in the green space next to our corporate office (directions)!

Setting the Stage for Success

Each day, our Direct Support Professionals provide the care, tools, and resources needed for individuals with disabilities to thrive and live their best lives!

Help us give back to those who give so much!

Our annual DSP Celebration, being held on September 2, 2019, gives your business/organization the opportunity to give back to your community while receiving the following sponsorship benefits:

  • Your name and logo will be prominently displayed at the event which is attended by over 500 of our employees and community members
  • Your name and logo will be featured in our Moments that Matter Newsletter which reaches over 4,500 individuals in Central Ohio
  • Your name and logo will be featured across all of our social media platforms

Food, beverage, entertainment, raffle prize, event, and in-kind sponsorship opportunities are available!

If you would like to be an event sponsor, please click below to sign-up, and we thank you for your support!

Staff and Individuals Celebrate at Annual UCO Industries Picnic!

UCO Industries, Inc. recently held their annual picnic for employees and staff! This event featured music, food, face paint, and lots of fun!

Check out some of these great photos from the event:

Walk of Fame Opening Reception

July 13, 2019 from 5-7pm at Open Door Art Studio & Gallery (directions)

Prepare yourself for a celebrity sighting! Walk of Fame invites you to take a stroll down Hollywood Boulevard and absorb all the glitz and glamour. With this exhibition of celebrity portraits, you are sure to spot your favorite Hollywood heartthrobs and stunning starlets - so get your cameras ready!

Walk of Fame has been made possible thanks to generous support provided by Mary & Bill Schmertz! Thank you!

Experiences Are Everything

Our visual look back at all of the places we've been and the fun we've had over the last month! Enjoy!

Other News & Upcoming Events:

Volunteer/Intern Spotlight - Halle Rotruck

Halle is an intern with our Social Services team. She enjoys participating in home visits where she is able to meet individuals, spend time with them, and get to know them more personally. She especially had fun gardening the guys from October Ridge.

Halle hopes to walk away from her internship with improved communication skills and having the experience of working directly with others.

Kiwanis Aktion Club Updates:

The Kiwanis Aktion Club of Franklin County met June 27th at The Game at 500 Georgesville Road for it’s bi-monthly meeting.

Members made plans for meeting with the Hilltop Kiwanis Club at the Westside Bean Dinner which was held Saturday, June 29th.

Also, new Aktion Club member, Amy Flanagan, received her club pin and certificate of membership from President Thomas Lovell.

CCHS Advisory Council Meeting

Saturday, July 20, 2019 | 1-2pm | Career, Activity, & Community

Topics of discussion will include: self-determination, self-advocacy, technology, weekends, scheduling, and transportation, as well as any other topics of interest to those present. We hope to see you there!

Upcoming Adult Guardianship Courses

Guardian of the Estate | Wednesday, July 17, 2019 | 10a - 1p

Join us for this 3-hour course to learn about being a guardian of the estate. There is no need to register in advance and light refreshments will be provided.

Introduction to the DD System | Wednesday, August 14, 2019 | 10a - 1p

Join us for this 3-hour course for an introduction to the developmental disabilities system. There is no need to register in advance and light refreshments will be provided.

The Colors of Summer | Exhibition of Work by Rev 36 Artists at UCO Industries

Friday, August 30th, 2019 from 3:00pm-7:00pm at UCO Industries, Inc. (directions)

This show will include artwork from each artist at REV36, as well as products such as note cards, bookmarks, garden décor and more! Light refreshments will be offered.

CCHS June Employees of the Month

We would like to extend a warm congratulations to our June Employees of the Month. The following employees were recognized by their peers for living out our mission, vision, and core values in their work:

Sophia Jackson (Admin): "Sophia went down to the probate courts in person as she was not getting an adequate answer for a guardianship issue at Park West that was potentially a life threatening event. An individual was in the hospital and the previous guardian was not able to be found. The guardianship board had received the file but not yet had assigned a guardian. This individual was sitting in the hospital without anyone able to give permission for care. Sophia went down there and explained the entire situation to make the assignment go faster so that the individual could receive adequate services that they needed." - Christy
Anne White (Residential): "Thank you for assisting Wansetta in creating the MOST AWESOME cookbook for Harlem!!!!" - Gretchen
Pam Issac (Residential): "During the CMS visit in June, the federal government team sent a personal email stating that they were super impressed with Pam and her work with GM at Half Moon. They stated that they could truly see care, compassion, commitment, and community engagement! GREAT JOB!" - Becky
Katherine Richards (ADS): "ODAS has an individual who has been having severe, non-epileptic seizures that are affecting transportation. Haleigh reached out to the family and SSA to get things set up to meet to discuss the transportation and the protocols to put in place for her safety, and the safety of the driver and other individuals on the vehicle. Her kindness and integrity in this issue show what an asset she is to ODAS and CCHS." - Jennifer
Kristie Trygstad (ADS): "Kristie was very kind in offering her vehicle to do her route and pick up Catalpa when our work mini van was in shop getting repaired. I am very grateful to have such an amazing team at UCO!! Thank you Kristie! We could have not done it without you!!!!" - Victoria

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