Neo-Paleo By dan and brennan

Paleo Man was walking around when he saw a chicken. He was like "Yo I could make this my own chicken." He domesticated the chicken and made other chickens. He lived in the Fertile Crescent and the soil was good and he found some seeds. He could easily plant the seeds because the soil was nice there. Then some other people where all like "Wassup my homies, can we join yo crib. We could plant some more of these jawns. We could also trade some of our fine resources." Paleo man lived as a Nomad in Catal Hoyuk. Now he isn't a Nomad because he made his comunity.He started a quality community in the Fertile Crescent. Neo man had everything he wanted, an almost unlimited food supply while paleo man was searching for some foods to munch on. Neo man had beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes, ham, lamb, ram, you name it and even chicken and turkey. Neo man lives in an estate with 32 acres of land, paleo man had to build shelter or hide in caves to survive. Neo man's community was pretty noss, it had a grocery store, a bank, and a YMCA. Paleo man had a stick, just kidding he had some rocks too. But actually he had his favorite leaf.

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