Light and Dark By SF young curators: Luis Lopez, Josephine Manansala, Omar Estanislao, Brayan Sanchez, David Rodriguez

The theme in our exhibition is “Light and Dark.” The primary aim of this exhibition is to target the younger people such as children in Elementary and Middle School. For our exhibition we aim to connect the audience with the feelings of the art pieces, each art piece conveys a different emotional state that the artist wants to show or express through light and dark. In the Clouds from tunnel overlook Yosemite National Park California, by the artist Ansel Adams, in the year of 1934 is a perfect example. This art piece is a photograph made of Gelatin silver print. In the art piece as you could see there is a separation between the art pieces to show the differences between the emotions of the two categories. The educational value would be towards children that are trying to understand how to analyze the art pieces. It could help show the children of younger age to understand the differences between the art pieces.


Artist: Michael Kenna --Tittle: Le Desert de Retz 4 France --Classification: Photograph

Several singular examples are included in this exhibition, for example the clouds, and the shadows the clouds make. It is one of the earliest extant, with its light gray sky with mixed with light to dark clouds. It is almost “day and night”. You can’t really tell from the clouds blocking the sun.

Michael Kenna was Born 1953 in Widnes, Lancashire, England; Currently lives in Seattle, Washington, USA. The Desert de retz is an unusual french estate. Constructed by the french aristocrat Francois Racine de monville, the estate covers more than ninety acres and includes a variety of buildings, each built in a different and exotic style. The estate is also home to acres of sculpted gardens that were carefully designed by Monville.

Artist: Yue Minjun --Tittle: Ostriches --Classification: Painting

I chose this art piece because it's out of the ordinary and in my opinion it has a positive feeling. It is also really colorful and speak happiness.

Artist: Stanley William Hayter --Tittle: Untitled --Classification:

The light and dark are supposed to convey different sides of how the art pieces make you feel. The use of lighter colors in the art pieces is supposed to convey happiness, health, love, care. The use of darker colors is more tragedy, pain, sorrow. The art pieces will be divided onto two sides of the room depending whether they are considered light or dark. Instead of being abstract, our exhibition strives to stimulate creativity by having dynamic colors and a more defined meaning in the message of the art pieces. The emotions of the art piece can vary between who is viewing the exhibition. This exhibition will show young children how to analyze art pieces that have positive and negative images and the differences between them. It also helps them understand the differences and similarities between art pieces.

Artist: Uknown --Title: Un Coq pour Chango (A Rooster for Shango), formerly L’Oracle et l’oiseau vert (The Oracle and the Green Bird) --Classification: Painting
Artist: Dorothea Lange --Title: Migrant mother 0f 6, at Age 32 now living in California

In the art piece titled Migrant mother 0f 6, at Age 32 now living in California, Dorothea Lange photographed a migrant worker. In the image she has only 2 kids included in the photograph. She is originally from Hookben, New Jersey but migrated to California for a job. She appears to be very poor and lives in a tent. Her method of transportation seems to be walking, since she is behind a tent also she has been affected by the Great Depression in 1929 while she was in San Francisco.

Artist: Arthur H Felling (Weege) -- Tittle: The Lottery Ticket {ST Louis Missouri}

In the art piece titled The Lottery Ticket {ST Louis Missouri} Arthur H Felling (Weege) took a photograph of three African Americans Hugging and smiling with a ticket in one of their hands with a printed picture of a gun. The place and time is 1951 in a house. In the house it seems to be very crowded and the people all celebrating something which is a sign that the holder of the lottery ticket is the lottery winner. The photograph was also the evidence of the first African American to win a lottery in Missouri. This was also a big thing since the time of winning the ticket was during segregation in the United States.

To summarize, we want to make an exhibition that gets younger children more involved in analyzing art. We want to show them how to see the differences in art by showing the separation between the pieces that are lighter and darker. We hope to spread word about our exhibition by putting ads about our exhibit on social media platforms. We want the viewers of our exhibition to see and feel the same emotions when we designed the exhibit and to also make the same connections with the artwork. We want to convey the feelings that light and dark are supposed to represent. Overall, we want people to get a better understanding of the differences between the artworks based on the emotions they convey.

Artist: Paul Klee --Title: Was läuft er? (Why Does He Run?) --Classification: Print

This is an art-piece by Paul Klee, the reason why I chose this image is the simple painting being portrayed and there can have a lot of interpretations on what is going on. Just like the painting says (Why does he run?)

This pictures goes well with out exhibition because it does not have any dark colors.

Artist: Nayland Blake --Title:Untitled (Made with pride by a Queen) --Classification: Painting
Artist: Unknown --Title:Things Fall Apart --Classification: Instalation

Sarah Sze is an artist known for sculpture and artworks that employ everyday objects to create multimedia landscapes. Susan Sze lives and works in New York City. She makes her artworks out of everyday things to make her sculptures.

Artist: Unknown --Title:Atlas Sound --Classification: Printed Material

Jason Munn is an American Graphic Artist. He is known for making posters for Indie- Rock bands. He was born in Wisconsin and went to school for graphic design at Madison Area Technical College. Jason Munn made the artwork Atlas Sound, 2010 in many of a collection as posters for bands.


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