Up and Down! By Allie Fargo

Do you like to learn things you didn't know before?

Adding to your knowledge is a great thing and it's easy too. When you know more things you can accept new thing easier than before. Think about this:

Does bread always land butter side down when it falls?

I bet a lot of people said it always lands face down, but it doesn't always. It lands different ways every time it falls: butter side up, down or it could even break in half. God made the world that way: unpredictable.

Here we have buttered bread.

What if it falls?

It doesn't always land butter side down!

It could land butter side up!

This bread is important for the world to develop. It shows there is more than we thought to the world. The world could become better with experiments like these, and if the world is a better place it would be on its way to becoming sin-free.

Adding on to your beliefs about the world is great and more useful to the world. You don't have to change anything, just add on the piece of information.

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