what is science

What is science

My definition of science is a study of most all things on how they work, function, and operate.

things that can be studied by science is the environment, environment can be studied by patterns and why they happen. The brain, how it works.

things that can't be studied by science is super natural explanations, super natural explanations are out of the realms of nature. another is opinions, they can't tell why people have them.

What is the basic needs of all life.

What is the basic needs of all life.



And Oxygen

Tips of animal structures.

Tips of animal structures.

Tips of Scientific model

Tips of Scientific models

Computer animated model

It is better in that if you want to study an animal you don't have to kill an animal to study it.

It is also better if you want to study a solar system you don't have to go there or pay millions of dollars to buy a telescope.

What is a system

What is a system. A system is a bunch of things that operate as one.

How a system is related to the human body is that it has a bunch of organs connecting to make one.

The solar system

The solar system is a good representation because it is gravity that works to gather to keep together the plants.

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