Mr. Sean Thorpe Portflio

"The Utah Effective Teaching Standards are a description of highly effective teaching as adopted by the Utah State Board of Education (R277-530). They also represent the knowledge and skills necessary to teach the Utah Common Core and align with national teaching standards (INTASC, 2011) and current research on effective teaching practice. The categories indicated on the rubrics describe phases of the development of teaching skills from the most basic to the highest levels of attainment. The rubrics are intended for use as a formative tool as part of self-reflection and self-assessment. They also may be used for the purposes of mentoring coaching, intervention, professional development, and remediation."

Learning Differences

Learner Development

Learner Environement

Instructional Planning

Instructional Strategies


Content Knowledge

Reflection and Continuous Growth

Leadership and Collaboration

Professional and Ethical Behavior


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