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On January 10 2017 a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck the Celebes sea. The depth of the earthquake was 627.0 Km.
Map of recent earthquake activity
Map of tectonic setting
Seismograph with location of reading
The plate margin for the celebes sea is The nazca plate and south american plate are divergent and were oceanic to oceanic. The speed of the plates are 19 mm/yr .
There were no reports of damage or injuries.People up to 566 miles away from the earthquake's epicenter in Malaysia's town of Ranau reported that they felt tremors
Little to no structures were damaged and ruined. No one was directly hurt from this incident. Since the earthquake took place in the ocean there was no price indicated on how much it costs to fix damage since there was little to no land damage. The earthquake was too deep to make a land impact
The maximum depth of the Celebes sea is 20,300 feet (6,200 m).The land surrounding the sea is bordered by the Sulu Archipelago and Sulu Sea, but mainly the Mindanao Island of the Philippines. The elevation of the mindanao island is 10,315′ ft.
The Celebes Sea is a piece of an ancient ocean basin that formed 42 million years ago in a locale removed from any landmass. Earth’s crust movement had moved the basin close enough to the Indonesian and Philippine volcanoes to receive emitted debris
The Celebes Sea is home to a wide variety of fish and aquatic creatures. The sea harbor’s about 580 of the world's 793 species of reef-building corals, which grow as some of the most bio-diverse coral reefs in the world. Many of the popular sea life are whales and dolphins, sea turtles, manta rays, eagle rays, barracuda,marlin and other reef and pelagic species. Tuna and yellowfin tuna are also abundant.
The Climate of the Mindanao Island is tropical and maritime.high temperature, high humidity and abundant rainfall. 26.6o C. The coolest months fall in January with a mean temperature of 25.5oC while the warmest month occurs in May with a mean temperature of 28.3oC.The earthquake occurred in January, which means it is typhoons season, these months bring in cool and calm weather throughout the country. The major weather patterns would be the inconsistency within the typhoon season. Although the weather is recognized as more intense from may to June and sometimes throughout July and august.
Davao City is the most populous in Mindanao as 1,632,991 population. are home to a size able Muslim population, making the island group, along with Palawan, the only area of the Philippines with a significant Muslim presence. The island has seen a communist insurgency as well as armed Moro separatist movements. Eight of the top 10 agri-commodities exported from the Philippines come from here.
Evidence of human occupation dates back tens of thousands of years. In prehistoric times natives arrived. Sometime around 1500 BC, but the most recent significant history is Spain's defeat and Treaty of Paris in 1898, they illegally included by coordinates Mindanao and Sulu to its supposed claim of colonial right of conquest.
The tremor was recorded 223 kilometers southeast of Tongkil in Sulu at 2:13 p.m. A direct quote from seismology Phivolcs, “Based on all available data, there is no tsunami threat because the earthquake is located too deep inside the earth. People on the island of Mindanao felt little shaking.
The city serves as the main trade, commerce, and industry hub of Mindanao and the regional center of Davao Region. Most people are farmers, or rural agrarian due to the amount of agriculture available, there is no exact percentage of people working in rural agrarian profession. Although 47% of people living in the island's cities are apart of the urban professional category.
The celebes sea had 15 earthquakes in the past year. Mindanao Island had 4 earthquakes in the past year.
the Philippine archipelago was largely created by the tectonic squabble between the Eurasian and Pacific plates, forming the Philippine Plate as a distinct entity.The most significant, historic earthquake zone (geological fault) in the Philippines is located just 10km East of Manila City and is known as the "Marikina Valley Fault" or, frequently, "Marikina Fault". Tsunami in the Philippines are extremely rare but typhoons are not.

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