The Red Barn The Bakery and Marketplace | Lincolnville. Maine.

"Come at 8:30am Friday. Everything will be out of the oven by then". This is what Katie Capra, the owner of The Red Barn Baking Company and Marketplace told me to do for the day we were to meet. When I got there at 8:30 am there was a parking lot full of cars and a bakery full of people selecting some very sweet smelling baked goods.

This is where the internet falters in my opinion...that amazing aroma of freshly baked breads and pastries is just not something I can bring to you. I will just let your imagination take you on that journey.

Originally from Syracuse, New York, Katie moved to Florida some ten years ago, and while working in Healthcare marketing she met Dale Turk. In 2011 she was looking to do something different. While teaching Yoga, she decided to take a baking course with a local baker in the St. Petersburg area, and that's where it all begins! She took to baking very well. So well in fact the baker decided to hire her for a new bakery he was opening! She worked with him for over a year then took more instruction from King Arthur Flour in Artisan Bread Baking and International Pastries.

Dale had summered in Maine for the past several years and introduced Katie to the mid coast on one of their trips. When he and Katie set their sights on Maine, he sold the house in Camden and they bought the Red Barn building and the house that adjoins it. The rest is history.

"The bakery is open 3 days a week, but I am in the kitchen 6 days a week preparing. I am up at 3 am the days we are open, so that everything is baked fresh,” Katie said. The menu is varied from breads, cookies, cakes and amazing pastries. There are a few changes weekly and Katie listens to customer requests. "Bread was one such request", Katie added.

Forming Bread dough before baking
Just some of the amazing taste treats coming out of the Red Barn!
2016 saw the addition of the Marketplace. With over 8,000 square feet and more than 24 vendors of antiques, furniture, collectables and small wares and jewelry both vintage and from local artists.
Some of the Antiques upstairs in the Marketplace

Local restaurants are starting to buy from them. Places like "Fresh" in Camden and others. When asked if she thought about opening in a place like Camden that might be more active from a business perspective, her answer was pretty straight forward. "This started as a hobby. I don't want to get to the point where it isn't fun anymore!"

We say...Keep having fun!

The Red Barn Baking co. Is open from Friday - Sunday from 8am until 2pm.

The Red Barn Marketplace is open from Wednesday - Sunday from 8am until 4pm

Call them at (207) 230-1272

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