How creative are you? Duct Tape Challenge SOAR 2017

Entrepreneurs are people who create, organize and operate a business. Today, you become a SOAR entrepreneur!

Check out these duct tape crafts:

You can also find more crafts through this link:

Google search: duct tape crafts, or duck tape crafts, how to make a duct tape wallet etc.


Find a partner. Choose your favorite duct tape. Make a craft.

"How To" instructions:

Teach someone how to make your craft by writing a list of instructions, step by step.

  • Example:
  • 1. We chose to design a ________________.
  • 2. We chose the ___________ patterned duct tape because _______________.
  • 3. First, we _________________( example: cut two pieces of duct tape into 12 inch strips).
  • 4. Second, we __________________.
  • 5. Next, we __________________.
  • Then, we ________________.
  • ...Keep writing the instructions all the way until the last step!

Gallery Walk:

It's time to show off your Duct Tape Crafts!

Use the feedback cards to begin a conversation about the crafts you see.

After viewing the crafts, vote for your favorite by placing a stick on the index card next to the item.

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