Ming Emperor vs. Tokugawa of Japan By Maya ELLIS WOH2022

Leadership styles? The Ming dynasty led by fear. Many people were afraid of them because they were known for killing anyone who opposed the leaders way of thinking. The Tokugawa of japan led by power. They became stronger by joining forces with other allies.

How did they rule? Ming dynasty ruled for nearly 300 years and flourished from their incorporation of free trade and also from trade with Europeans but fell due to internal rebellions. The Tokugawa of Japan ruled by forming allies and strengthening its armies to seize control of other areas.

Successful? The Ming dynasty was successful until its decline and fall. During the emperors rule they visited many countries in Southeast Asia and expanded the influence of the Ming Dynasty in the world. The Tokugawa of Japan was very successful time. Economic growth soared and there was a surge of political stability throughout the period.

Legacy? The Ming dynasty was a very brutal dynasty who was known for their killing of many people including monks, government officials and prime ministers. It will also go down in history as one of the most unpopular dynasties. Some legacies of the Tokugawa Regime are the establishment of the Tokugawa Bakufu and different policies such as the banning of foreign trade, and the Rise of Cities.

Positive or negative impact? Overall the Ming dynasty had a positive impact. Despite their unpopular rule, the Ming dynasty was very successful in the open trade world. The Tokugawa period was a positive period. It was a time of internal peace, political stability and economic growth.

Emperor or Tokugawa? I would rather be the Tokugawa of Japan because the Ming dynasty was filled with killings and scare tactics and The Tokugawa period was much more peaceful. Also it was a very successful period



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