I have a dream BY KYLIE DREILING

I have a DREAM that all people will have a good education

I have a dream that all kids will go to school and get a good education so that when they are older they can get a good jod and well earned money so when they need support their kids education they will have the money to do that. Also I hope it will help the people that didn't have or finish an education to try for one now.
I just hope it will inspire the parents to go through school or put their kids in school because usually when you go through school you can get a better job and benefits that come will it.
I hope that all parents, kids, and elderly will consider either going through or enrolling their kids into school for all different reasons but most of all you want to try and the kids want to go to school all you can do is try. Most kids that go to school don't realize that they are extremely lucky to be going to school when their are kids that hope and ask if they will ever get to go to school. I just hope all kids will get to get a good education.
We need doctors, scientists, and other important jods for people in your community but you can't get these jobs without a good education. Some school funding fails when property taxes go down or up so they can't always but they can't always put kids in schools when their perents can't afford to send them to school. So when they say life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness is yours they can't always mean it if your happiness is going to school but you can't because you don't have the money.
Thank you

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