William Sherman Haley Rogers

William Tecumseh Sherman was born in Lancaster Ohio on February 8, 1820.

William Sherman was born into a very well-known family and is one of 11 children. William received his middle name from his father and is said that he gave him the middle name "Tecumseh" sue to his admiration for the Shawnee chief.

Williams father died when he was nine due to a sudden heart attack. He was then raised by a family-friend by the name of Thomas Ewing.

William went to school at a US military academy at West Point. He was very intelligent and rarely was in trouble. He later graduated in 1840 as the 6th in his class.

Sherman had a goal to destroy the army of Tennessee, capture Atlanta and break off confederate supply lines. However, William failed to demolish the enemy, but forced the surrender of Atlanta on September 1864.

Another challenge is that the unions failure influenced Williams thoughts that his fears about northern unsteadiness were correct. He as scared of the dangers he would face when he was commander in Kentucky. he was so overwhelmed by the dangers that he saw around him that he fell into a deep depression. Some subordinates believed that he had lost his mind and supported his command to be relieved form command.

Sherman's army captured Atlanta on September 2, 1864. This successful action was important because the industrial center and railroad hub of the confederacy. It contained many needs and necessities of the confederate including factories, foundries and warehouses that held the army's food, weapons and other needs.The Gulf of Mexico is to the West while Charleston is to the East. Its a symbol of the confederates pride as well as their strength. the downfall and fail of Atlanta made tho southerns doubt that they would be able to defeat Sherman and win the war.

The "march to sea" is one of many of William Sherman successes. He led the confederate army west into Tennessee and Alabama. He split his men into 2 groups. General George took 60,000 men, while Sherman took the remaining of 62,000 men. they went on a "march" through Georgia to Savannah "destroying things".

There are many other actions that Sherman took to be successful, but these have made him important and well known today. he say the war as it should be seen, wrong and cruel.

Williams impact on american history was significant. He has lead many successful battles and even though he had a fall out, he is still one of tho most admirable men in history. He pushed warfare away from the old fashioned incoming of packs of soldiers attacking in large frontal assaults. William has changed that nature of the war, and recognized it for what it truly should be seen for.

I admire that even though William lost his father when he was young and was raided by a non-family member, he still managed to pull through. He remained calm and set a goal to be successful. William excelled greatly in academics. He inspired many and led many successful battles and gave hope to many.

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