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Day 4 | New Moon Yoga Nidra Experience

Raja Yoga | Mind*Body*Spirit

Flow Yoga Tuesdays | At Heart Center Yoga

Join Me every Tuesday for an accessible and mindful Flow Experience! Create strength and length in the body in this active yet accessible yoga class, designed to combine conscious breath with mindful movement. We will build internal heat slowly and gently through a fun mix of alignment based hatha holds and breath-linked vinyasa flows. Through breath and movement, we will build strength and connection with the body, mind and spirit. Located down in the Earth in the Basement, Ste 14. 2901 Juan Tabo NE. We are a co-op run community based yoga space. *First Class is Free *Suggested $5-$10 | Pay What You Can | Cash or Paypal

Day 3 | New Moon Yoga Nidra Experience


The time of year has arrived where we all become conscious of the things we are grateful for most. The cool weather arriving and the turning of the leaves, knowing I am safe, and having been guided to my community, my tribe.. I am grateful for Spirit and her strong pull, encouragement, and love. I am also grateful for the tools I have gained and can put into active practice. I am grateful to be present. Here in the now speaking my truth without fear. I've come a long way from the beginning of this year and 6 years ago. Grateful for EMDR and its powerful effect to help you heal and process on a deep level, and the support of my husband, mother, and dear dear friends. The air, the crispness of it here in ABQ, I have missed you dearly, and most of all I am grateful to be HOME <3. Happy November!

Day 2 | New Moon Yoga Nidra Experience

Day 2 of the New Moon Yoga Nidra Experience. The moon is 2% waxing crescent and is still in Scorpio. Knowing the seeds of intention and manifestation are safely planted in the supple soil, the warmth of source brings comfort to the soil surrounding these precious seeds. A Safe Space to nurture, prepare, and soak in all that you need to grow into abundant fruit. Settle in and allow yourself to let go and rest deeply. You are safe. You are loved. You are held in safe sacred space.

Gentle Yoga Fridays | At Heart Center Yoga

Join Me every Friday for a Gentle Yoga Experience. Find balance in mind, body and spirit in this traditional, slow paced yoga class, designed to inspire every level of practitioner through the combination of breath and movement. The use of creative sequencing, warm lighting, soft music and alignment-based postures will lead you to a deeper connection with all parts of yourself, through increased body awareness. Located down in the Earth in the Basement, Ste 14. 2901 Juan Tabo NE. We are a co-op run community based yoga space. *First Class is Free *Suggested $5-$10 | Pay What You Can | Cash or Paypal

Day 1 | New Moon Yoga Nidra Experience

Welcome to Day 1 of New Moon Yoga Nidra Experience! The New Moon represents a time of new beginnings, a time to set forth new intentions and manifestations. The planting of the seeds as we shift through the next 7 days to fruitful abundance. Find a comfortable space to relax and comfortably rest. Enjoy a cup of tea and grab a blanket. Allow yourself to deeply rest, restore, and renew with this uniquely crafted Yoga Nidra. The New Moon just shift into space. Enjoy!

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra, also referred to as Yogic Sleep, has a deeply profound effect on the whole being. From Mind to body, Yoga Nidra works to rebuild and foster the relationship between the mental body and the physical body. Working through sensory, imagery, and the frequency wavelengths of the brain, the method I am a certified facilitator of is referred to as "The Deep One". Through this method of we come to a comfortable reclined position. Your bed, the couch, a recliner, or on a yoga mat with a pillow, bolsters, and additional support your body is requesting. A blanket as your body will drop 2+ degrees as you drop in. Begin to settle in and listen to the sound of my voice. The work is done in the subconscious and submerges you into Delta wavelength. Deeply Rest. Deeply Restore. Deeply Root back into yourself. After 11+ yoga nidra sessions, the frontal cortex, where new neurological connections and grey matter are birthed and created, begins to thicken. Continued practice of Yoga Nidra maintains this growth among the many benefits that are felt and experienced. 45+ minutes is as restorative as 3 hours of REM sleep.

LIVE Q&A | Before the New Moon Yoga Nidra Event 11/7-11/15

October 29th Join me for a live Q&A on what Yoga Nidra is, Amrit Method Yoga Nidra explained, the Benefits of a Yoga Nidra practice, my Yoga Nidra Offerings, and the opportunity for you to ask questions before the New Moon Nidra event begins Nov 7!

New Moon Yoga Nidra Experience | Nov 7-14 |

I am offering this free event in celebration of rebranding and fine tuning my offerings to the community. This practice is open to all levels and will be done in the comfort of your home|space. Each day starting Nov 7 I will upload a new Yoga Nidra Experience to my Sacred Yogametry Instagram|Facebook|Youtube! Head on over to the event page and sign up!


Hello and Welcome to Sacred Yogametry! Come on In! My name is Ashley Arnold and I am an E-RYT Yoga Instructor to the public and private clientele. I have gained 1000+ hours of therapy-geared, functional and energy anatomy based, with multiple yoga specialization certifications. I am based out of Albuquerque, NM and serve the NM, AZ, CO, and CA areas. I offer Nidra based Retreats, private sessions, semi private sessions, custom yoga nidra recordings, and postpartum yoga nidras. I am open to collaborate or hold space for you at an event, festival, wedding party, or company team building!

Yoga Specializations: Yoga Nidra | Yin | Restorative | Pre & Postnatal | Yoga Wall | Hot Vinyasa | K-12 Yoga | Hatha Gong | Transformational Yoga Coaching | Chair | Hatha-based yogas with conscious breath work, Raja infused with sprinkles of holistic health, self-care & self-love practices, tracked to frequency based ambiance, crystal singing bowls, or 60-80's rock when noted.

Additional Services available include Energy Work, Reiki Master Level | Angel Card Reading | Holistic Nutrition Coaching | Graphic Design

ashley@sacredyogametry.com | 505.373.1047
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