Illegal Lotteries By: Josh, kyle and alanna

Case 1

Denise Paul is being charged for selling illegal lottery tickets to an undercover officer, and she is also being charged for printing out wager receipts. She is lastly charged for keeping a gambling house and assisting in a lottery. This image was selected because it is a picture of the 3 people who were involved in the crime.

Case 2

A house in California was found to be an illegal gambling house. It was in the middle of a neighborhood, and it was found to be an illegal gambling house, when an injury sent someone to the hospital. The picture included is of a six seater arcade game that was played at the home.

Case 3

Mr Lennys Place. A man was charged with operating an illegal gambling house. The event became so big that it had to be moved to a warehouse.

Case 4

Georgia Gambling House: Eight people were arrested for running an illegal gambling house in Georgia. 15 search warrants were issued by the police, and more warrants are expected to be filed. The picture below is one of the houses that was raided.

Case 5

Arizona Coyotes: Coyotes assistant coach Rick Tocchet plead guilty for betting on the team's games in 2006. He plead guilty for $1.7 million and was just a part of the long line of betting. The picture included is of Tocchet himself.

Case 6

Two runners who failed to get a spot in the New York City Marathon sought their revenge by suing the race’s organizer, claiming that it’s running an illegal lottery. They claim the Road Runners, the marathon’s longtime organizer, have never obtained a license from the state Gaming Commission to conduct the lottery, despite making millions off it.

Case 7

Seoul Gambling: In May, 2016 police in South Korea reported that they had busted the biggest illegal

Case 8

Phil Mickelson: The golfer was tied to an illegal insider trading case as well as illegal gambling cases. It was worth 3 million dollars. The picture is of Phil Mickelson, the man who was part of this illegal case.

Case 9

Horse racing: A horse race in Texas showed video of the race, but it did not show the fact that there was illegal betting and gambling going on there as well.

Case 10

Illegal horse betting: There are two cases of illegal gambling in California and New Mexico, where the race tracks are not run by the state.

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