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Information for Veterinarians & Veterinary Technicians

There are a variety of ways our people use Vet-1-1 to further their careers. You will enjoy more pay, a flexible schedule, and incredible skill growth.

People make a good wage working with Vet-1-1. There are so many perks to working relief. Great Pay! Flexible Schedule! No Drama! Amazing Skill Growth! Relief could be a great fit for you.

Temporary Assignments lead to Great Careers! Job searches are humbling, exhausting, and difficult. Most times, you find yourself taking a position with a company that you aren’t feeling the best about. There is another option. More veterinarians and technicians choose relief as a career step over placement because it is ‘Try it before you Buy it’ in the professional sense. Choose a career in an environment you enjoy.

We are unique. We are the first relief company in Colorado and Texas that allows you to set your pay rate. With Vet-1-1, you can change how much you charge based on the hospital, commute, or procedures requested at each hospital.

If you're a Veterinarian or Veterinary Technician looking for great pay, outstanding benefits, and world-class customer service, a relief tech job is right for you. There are many reasons why people choose temporary veterinary jobs. These include:

Relief Veterinary Work is Lucrative

Typical relief jobs can pay 15%-20% more on average than permanent positions. Vet-1-1 offers both referral bonuses for veterinarians, as well as veterinary technicians and veterinary assistants. These bonuses are ongoing, so the longer a referee works with Vet-1-1, the greater the bonus you earn. Plus, you're referring a colleague to a company that lets a referee set their own pay rate - so you're both making money!


A temporary veterinary assignment is an unique opportunity that allows vets to work in the location of their choice. Whether you are looking for South Padre Island in the winter or Aspen in autumn, a travel veterinary job will allow you to explore the state while working in top facilities.

Work in a Variety of Settings

Working as a relief vet provides you with the opportunity to work at large specialty/emergency hospitals, small privately owned practices, small animal practices, and mixed-practice. You can choose a new setting to work in for each new assignment, or stay at the same facility for multiple assignments. When you work as a relief tech, the choice is up to you.

Build your Resume

Relief jobs provide technicians with the opportunity to practice in a variety of settings at leading facilities across Colorado. By working as a relief vet tech, you can benefit from numerous networking opportunities and establish lasting connections that will help advance your veterinary career. These experiences, along with the variety of responsibilities and tasks you'll assume, make veterinary jobs a great resume builder. In addition, relief jobs allow you to build upon your skill set and advance your veterinary career by learning new practices and gaining valuable experience.

We are often asked:

Do you understand veterinary medicine?"

Being a veterinarian owned company means we strive to make sure the vet tech wins, as well as our customer. We are truly empathetic to your needs because we’ve been there. We have narrowed our focus to only veterinarians, certified veterinary technicians and veterinary assistants because that is what we know and love. And we are really good at it!

Anyone considering an employment move wants to consider all their options. But who has the time and resources to investigate ALL the opportunities available and know if you’re getting the best deal? Well… we do. Our staff combs through all the available opportunities that match your criteria and present you with all of your options. By the way, everything is kept strictly confidential to ensure your privacy. In other words, we act as your personal agent to locate your ideal job!

How do I Find Work?

There are 2 primary ways to find work:

  1. Ask us for help!
  • Everyone that decides to work with Vet-1-1 will have a single point of contact. So, if you have any questions or need work... getting the answer is always in one place. With Vet-1-1, you don't have to hassle with multiple departments and wondering where to direct all of your questions.

2. Browse Relief Jons or Post your Availability

  • Once you register and sign an independent contractor agreement with us, we'll create a profile for you that includes your CV/resume and a skills assessment.

Meet our Founders

Dr. Jen and Chris

How and Why Vet-1-1 Was Created

Dr. Jen, a fourth generation veterinarian and Colorado native, and her husband Chris met outside of San Antonio, TX. Both had recently moved to the area - Dr. Jen started a position at a veterinary hospital - and Chris was a traveling Physical Therapist (we'll revisit this later). They stayed in the area for 2 years until Dr. Jen's father asked Jen to move to Colorado and work together (he was having health issues and couldn't continue to work a full-time schedule) or he would need to sell the family practice. Obviously, the two moved to Colorado and eventually bought the practice from Jens parents.

Like many of their colleagues, they have been humbled by practice ownership, and a few times unexpected turnover has hit them between the eyes. Along the way, they lost more staff due to being short-handed. That led to staff burn-out, and more turnover. They have made every hiring mistake along the way and were frustrated that there weren't any options similar to Chris' experience as a PT. There are options for temporary staffing in human health care, why not veterinary medicine? Eventually, the two connected the dots and decided to start a company that provides the same service found in human health care, but for veterinary clinics.

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