Extraverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging

"The Executive"

All about ENTJ's

ENTJs are especially well-suited to be leaders and organization builders. They have the ability to clearly identify problems and innovative solutions for the short and long-term well-being of an organization. Having a strong desire to lead, they're not likely to be happy as followers. ENTJs like to be in charge, and need to be in charge to take advantage of their special capabilities.

Character Traits

Driven to turn theories into plans

Highly value knowledge


Natural leaders

Impatient with inefficiency and incompetence

Want things structured and orderly

Excellent verbal communication skills

Dislike routine, detail-oriented tasks



Possible Careers

• Actuary

• Astronomy / astronomer

• Biochemistry, biology, chemistry, neuroscience

• Economics / economist

• Financial planning / analyst

• Health / medical sciences, public health

• Computer science, systems analyst, informatics, programmer

• Engineering (all types)

• Urban planning

• Researcher

• Social science research (psychology, sociology, political science)

• Physician, medical doctor: most specialties

• Physics / physicist

• Writing, non-fiction

• Architecture

• Entrepreneur

• Corporate manager, executive

• Law, lawyer, attorney

• Politician

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