Egyptian Fashion The start of fashion history

How were clothes in Egypt made?

Clothes in Egypt were made from a flax plant. The Egyptians took the bloomed flax plant and placed it in a moist vat to make the plant stronger so the clothes would last longer.Next they turned the flax plant into linen. The quality of the linen depended on how rich or poor the person was. Also unlike other ancient cultures the Egyptians sewed individual pieces instead of wrapping one big cloth around them. That's how clothes were made in ancient Egypt.

These are pictures of a flax plant and linen

In Egypt they also had jewelry and makeup. The pharaoh and his family or richer families had expensive gold and stones for their jewelry. The rich also wore fancy head dresses for special occasions. Then the poor or slaves wore little to no jewelry or they used beads and feathers to dress up themselves. Also this might surprise you but both men and women wore makeup in Egypt. They lined their eyes,darkened their eyelashes and eyebrows with black kohl and they wore blue and green eyeshadow for special occasions. Sometimes they would also scent and lighten their hair with henna as well . A lot of this might remind you of modern jewelry and makeup today.

These are pictures of jewelry and makeup in Egypt.

In Egypt the clothes between men and women varied on how rich or poor the person was.The men would wear a tunic or a skirt that would go down to their knees. The women wore a dress that would go down to their ankles and the pharaohs family had clothes made individually to fit each family member's personality and style. The men also shaved their whole head except 1 section or they shaved their whole head and the rich would wear leather shoes or they'd be barefoot.

This is a poor slave or farmer.

However this was different for the children and the poor/slaves. The children wouldn't wear any clothes until the age of 6. Once they turned 6 they would wear the same clothes as their parents, and the poor wore little to no clothes at all. Also how the rich wear leather shoes or barefoot, the poor can't afford that so they wear shoes made out of woven papyrus reeds or they also went barefoot. The children and the poor/slaves wore some different clothes than the royal family and the wealthy but all of egypts costoms and fashion truly made their culture unique.

This is what kids 6 and up would usually wear.

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