Tour of The Harn Evan yurick

Overall my experience at the Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art was a great one. There were so many diverse pieces of art. Whether it was a beautiful painting or a detailed sculpture, the Harn Museum was a great experience. Some of the highlights of my trip will be presented in this Spark Story. Considering the medium of the art/technique of the artist, the design of the museum, my core values, and how it relates to the Good Life really helped me take a lot out of this experience.

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist

Here I am with a painting by Yvonne Jacquette. It depicts a typical chaotic night in the city. This painting particularly caught my eyes because of the vibrant colors and overall structure of the painting. The technique was very interesting to me. I liked how the whole painting was sort of tilted and that everything was on that tilted line. The vibrant colors and detail of this oil painting was truly spectacular! I could picture myself jumping into the painting and being a part of the chaos. She depicted a chaotic city scene without making it too crowded. Some paintings are too crowded and I personally think that takes away from the painting as a whole. I really enjoyed this piece and it caught my eye when it first saw it.

Design of the Museum

The whole layout of the Harn Museum was phenomenal. I loved how it was essentially one big circle because that aids people in not getting lost. I also enjoyed how art from similar regions were grouped together. Not only that but the design and showcasing of the art would change when you moved from one area to another. I particularly found the Asian Art Wing to be my favorite. It had a grand entrance and the panel wood really caught my attention. Across from the entrance there was a wall filled with colorful jars and vases. They added a beauty to the whole section that I really enjoyed. Every wing of the museum was nice in its own way I just personally really liked the Asian wing.

Art and Core Values

Art can often have meaning behind it and how one interprets those meanings are different for everyone. People can paint these beautiful paintings and make these beautiful sculptures without intending there to be any deep meaning behind it. Everyone is different and can take meaning from different things. When thinking about which piece of art appealed to one of my core values, I was particularly drawn to this simple sculpture of a man with wings holding two fish in one hand, and a cross in the other. It might not be the best or the most appealing sculpture but what I took away from it was a lot. The sculptor of this said that this sculpture is the Archangel Raphael and he performs all manners of healing. This sculpture was meant to bring comfort and healing to the one who had it. I personally did not interpret it that way. I initially saw this as a man who had to work hard to get those fish. Even though those fish might have been hard to catch I thought to myself that he found strength to keep trying through God. I interpreted it that you have to work hard to get what you want and that even if things get tough, you will always have God to look towards. Hard work and my religion are important core values I have and this sculpture really related to me in a big way.

Art and The Good Life

As I mentioned earlier, works of art can have many different interpretations. When thinking about what art depicted the Good Life I had a little trouble finding one. I came across this painting of quiet country house with a lady outside. Right next to it was a painting of a beautiful mountain across a body of water. There were people having what looked like a picnic on the rocks looking across the water at the view. Both of these paintings are what I believe the Good Life is. Not the specific content of the paintings but I believe that people's vision of a good life is different for everyone. I imagined the lady in the farm house to be happy in her quiet country home. I thought to myself that her thoughts on life would be better than someone who is super rich. With the other painting I do not even know who the people in the painting are. They might not have a house but looking at the beauty of nature might make them feel like they have achieved the good life. I found the simple paintings of these scenes to be more powerful than I had originally thought. Both are in radically different scenarios but in my head I imagined that they must have achieved the Good Life.
This piece of art at the entrance of the museum was amazing to me. So many tiny pieces put together to make one giant piece of art. Truly amazing.
Created By
Evan Yurick


I took the photos I am not in. The photos I am in were taken by Nolan Rohr and he gave me permission to use in my Spark Story.

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