Real Time Learning Empowering ENGAGEMENT through stem and entrepreneurship

Think of a child. How curious are they? How creative are they?

Is what they are learning aligned to their purpose and passions? Can you be sure what their learning is best preparing them for their future?

Real Time Learning is a Social Purpose Organisation that empowers young Australians to thrive in a modern and constantly changing society through their engagement with STEM and Entrepreneurship.

My name is Luke Kerr. I have prototyped RTL in schools over the last three years. I am a teacher who previously taught Outdoor Education and Maths for 20 years in the UK and on the Mornington Peninsula. I used everything I could to help students appreciate Maths in the same way they did Outdoor Education. Something was missing!

I became concerned about the increasing number of capable and creative students not choosing STEM subjects. The Students needed a “real” connection.

Here's the problem

  • 44% of jobs at risk due to digital disruption over the next 20 years
  • A system that measures students according to what they know rather than include assessment that incorporates how they apply learning.
  • This would include taking into account curiousity, creativity, problem solving, critical thinking, working in teams.
  • Only 1 in 10 Year 12 students are taking advanced maths.
  • If 1% of our population over the next 20 years moved into STEM roles, our economy in Australia would benefit by $57.1 billion.

What we are doing

We are helping schools outsource STEM and Entrepreneurship expertise and opportunities that is education sector blind. All our schools have the same problem.

How many Schools have students in Yr 5 & 6 building a life-size humanoid robot?

The parts were printed with a 3D printer, assembled by the same students. They then use leap sensory motion and voice activation to learn the code.

RTL media work

How many students are making films and websites for industry? How many students are broadcasting radio to the world? Some students are in Yr 5 & 6

How do we make this happen?

It takes a village to raise a child

George Spiridis

In coding we employ an industry professional to work across a cluster of schools. Schools make a small contribution in partnership with a Business Sponsor. In the case of robotics, this is BOSCH

Genesis Centre

Partner schools make time, typically a half day each week to allow passionate students to make and create. Harvey Norman, Springvale has partnered with RTL to build an incubator we’re calling the Genesis Centre. This provides “all” students with an opportunity to use the incubator their school may not be able to provide.

Terry Cantwell

Our Media work sees Harcourts partnering with schools to pay an Industry professional to work on multi media with students. We have partnered with Adobe who have identified accredited Adobe Campus Leaders within RTL.

Students making videos for Harcourts Real Estate

We are negotiating with a second Harvey Norman Store to build an off-site media recording studio in partnership with a local radio station.

The Model

The Model

By 2019 we want 8 to 12 schools in one region demonstrating a new way to implement STEM and Entrepreneurship. It relies on partnerships and collaboration between Industry, Schools, Communities, Local Government. What is most exciting is other potential hubs want to start up simultaneously.


We have partnered with Mobeeas to grow our workforce. We would ask industry to consider helping us fund more Industry Professionals to help schools provide opportunities in STEM and Entrepreneurship.

I see opportunities everywhere. My next Industry Professional is a passionate outdoor education and environmental scientist.

We want to employ his services to focus on food security, biodiversity, environmental science. I’m talking hydroponics, powered by solar energy and so much more.

How will we know if we have succeeded?

X factor Survey.We all want our students to perform well academically. Most important to us though is that our students are engaged, that they find their passion.

We have developed a tool to better measure engagement. Integro, Number 1 distributor for DISC, who have 40 years in the industry working with companies on workplace culture, have funded in partnership with RTL the X Factor Survey.

That Child I asked you think about, Are they getting opportunities to engage in STEM and Entrepreneurship. If they are they are very fortunate. We must afford all students these opportunities.

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