Allen Eagle Escadrille Summer Newsletter #1 June 4, 2020

Halftime at Eagle Stadium!

Welcome to the Escadrille

The directors and staff hope you are as excited as we are to begin the 2020-2021 Season! Welcome to the "largest band in the land" - the Allen Eagle Escadrille!

As we begin this season, please know that we are moving forward with cautious optimism. At the time of this newsletter, we do not know what the school year will look like. While it is encouraging that we will have summer band rehearsals (based on safe guidelines provided by UIL), we do not know what football games or much of what Fall 2020 will actually look like at this time. The directors ask that every student and parent goes through this newsletter so everyone will be informed. Because UIL and state/local guidelines are constantly changing, please continue monitoring your e-mails from Dr. Obado, Allen Band Booster social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), and www.allenband.com for the latest information. Let's move forward with solid information rather than rumors this summer!

This newsletter is designed to welcome you to the Escadrille and provide general information with what you need to know to successfully start this summer: calendar, summer band rehearsals, registration paperwork, show/music details, and Allen Band Booster information. Dr. Obado will send another e-mail late June/early July regarding specific information regarding fees, locations, and times. Mr. Singletary will communicate directly with the color guard regarding their summer schedules. Mr. Locke will communicate directly with percussion regarding summer assignments, auditions, and leadership information.

INCOMING FRESHMEN: Members of our Student Leadership Team (SLT) will contact students from time to time over the summer. If you have questions, feel free contacting Dr. Obado (philip.obado@allenisd.org) or the Allen Band Booster President (president@allenband.com).

Allen High School/Lowery Freshman Center Directors

Dr. Philip Obado (Director of Bands), Dr. Steven Knight (Associate Director of Bands/Marching Band Director), Joshua Blankenship (Director of Bands, Lowery Freshman Center), Clay Singletary (Assistant Director of Bands/Color Guard), Miles Locke (Assistant Director of Bands/Percussion), Tony Daniels (Assistant Director of Bands/Jazz Director), Jeremy Rohr (Assistant Director of Bands), Alexander Baczewski (Assistant Director of Bands, Lowery Freshman Center), Susan Fulk (Performing Arts Administrative Assistant)

Summer Band & Calendar

Based on current UIL guidelines for Marching Band Rehearsals, we are permitted to have summer marching band practices and rehearsals to prepare for the 2020 marching band season. While we currently do not have concrete hours for rehearsal based on current UIL guidelines, we are able to communicate a very tentative summer band rehearsal schedule. Please see the TENTATIVE summer calendar below.

We know that you all like to make plans. We have the entire 2020-2021 Band Calendar (July 2020-May 2021) complete and available. You can find it on the homepage of www.allenband.com or you can click the link below.

Registration Aug 1, 2020

Registration (Band) is a required event on Saturday, August 1, 2020. While we will release details on the next summer newsletter (late June), we can tell you this is a one-stop-shop where we traditionally turn in required paperwork for the year, pay fees for the year, fit for uniforms, and buy all the great Escadrille gear you want! Registration times are assigned per grade level and takes about two hours to complete. Color guard is currently doing an online registration (early June) - contact Mr. Singletary if you have questions.

Required Paperwork

There are four hard copy documents we must keep on file for the year: (1) AISD Standards of behavior, (2) AISD Authorization and Release for Travel, (3) AISD Fine Arts Permission and Emergency Health Release, and (4) UIL Pre-Participation Health Form (required for only 1st year students). Please bring these signed paper documents to registration.

Please note that the UIL Pre-Participation Health forms are the "UIL Physical Forms". For 2020, these forms are required for all freshmen and 1st year students only. While you need to complete the form, you may not need to get a Physical. If you check "yes" to #1-#6, you will be required to complete page 2 with a doctor's physical examination.

Show & Music

The Allen 2020 Marching Show is entitled "Lux Aeterna." The Latin phrase “Lux Aeterna” means “Eternal Light.” The 2020 contest show comes from the visual aesthetic of light streaming through stained glass. This basic idea can generate a wide array of imagery related to light and color, all of which lead to the musical influences of the show. “Lux Aeterna” is less about telling a story, and much more about creating an experience of light, color, and sound that only the Allen Eagle Escadrille can achieve. You can read more about the show by clicking the link below.

You can download music throughout the summer as we update contest show music, mp3s, and stand tunes below.

Allen Band Booster Association (ABBA)

The Allen Band Booster Association (ABBA) is the booster program that directly supports the band and colorguard programs, and directors. This is accomplished by fundraising, membership, and volunteering. ABBA is a member based organization, please consider joining. Fundraising is done through the sale of spirit wear, donations drives, and sponsors. We have year round volunteer opportunities such as uniform support, chaperoning, building props, spirit wear shops, events, and more. There are quarterly meetings for members to attend. All of this information can be found at www.allenband.com. If you have any questions regarding ABBA please contact the president, Justine Anderson at president@allenband.com.

Welcome to the Allen Eagle Escadrille! #MyBand


Calvin Ku