My Sola Salons Journey Arear Minor

Salon Professional Arear Minor took the leap of faith and opened her business at Sola Salon Studios in Granger, Indiana in 2013. Now in her 4th year as owner/operator of "Blessed Images" located in Sola Salons, Arear creates beautiful experiences for her clients each and every visit.

Arear, how did you start your career in the beauty industry?

I've been doing roller sets since I was 11 years old. I like creating new looks and enjoyed the reactions on people's faces. It was then I realized that "doing hair" was the only thing I could do every day and never feel like it was a job.

I started my professional career at JC Penny and quickly decided that I wanted to own my own salon. Sola Salon Studios has allowed me to do that without the thousands of dollars needed to open a conventional salon.

What made you choose salon ownership at Sola?

My husband actually got the ball rolling. I was hesitant, because I didn't think I could afford it. I knew it would be successful, but I didn't know it could be this simple. The Sola Team took the time to help answer our questions and alleviate any concerns we had about salon ownership - they have been with us the entire way!

How does owning your own business at Sola fit your lifestyle?

Owning my own business at Sola allows me to adjust my schedule to be there for my family. That's extremely important to me.

How do you market yourself at Sola Salons? Is there one most important way?

Social media is extremely important and I rely on both Facebook and Instagram to reach new and existing clients. But the most important way for me to promote my brand has and will always be word of mouth!

What are you most proud of in your personal and professional career?

I am proud that I had the faith to take the leap and go out on my own. I am finally creating the salon experience I have always dreamed of - providing a professional, private, intimate and relaxing environment for my clients.

What are your personal "Keys to Success" as a business owner that you would pass on to other salon professionals?

It's simple. Be dependable, value your clients time and always be honest.

What advice would you give other salon professionals who are looking to start their own business and what would you tell them about Sola?

I would let every salon professional know that Sola Salon Studios creates the perfect enviroment for stylists to start a business with ease and tons of support!

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