Plate Tectonics :) By: La'Kaysha Governor

What are Plate Tectonics?

  • Plate Tectonics is the theory that Earth's crust is divided into several plates that glide over the mantle.

What are the evidence that support the Theory of plate tectonics?

  • The evidence that support the theory of plate tectonics are : the shape of the continents, the same fossils and rocks found on each continents, and climate change.

Who was the Theorist that made the suggestion of the Earth's movement?

Alfred Wegener

What are the Types of Boundaries and what happens at these borders?

  • Convergent Boundary: forms when two plates collide.
  • Divergent Boundary: forms when two plates move apart from each other.
  • Transform Boundary: Forms when two plates slide past each other.

How do plate Tectonics help to shape the earth?

  • Oceanic and continental plates came together and spread apart at boundaries all over the planet .
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