In a world where royalty are the protectors of humanity with the ability to summon power from the Sun, the Ocean, and the Seeds; this ability is called...Shokan.

First of all, the word "shokan" in Japanese translates: to summon and/or one who summons. With that said, the question is, "What are these summoners summoning and where are they summoning from?"

There are three main dominions that shokans can summon from. The Dominion of Seeds, the Ocean, and the Sun.

The Sun's Dominion consists of everything that the sun is made of and exudes. Therefore, those who can summon heat, light, radiation, fire, and gas are from the Hikari Tribe, the tribe of the Sun.

The Seed's Dominion consists everything that grows in and from the earth. Therefore, those who can summon various plants and influence them at will are from the Shido Tribe, the tribe of seeds.

The Ocean's Dominion consists of everything that dwells in, made of, and comes from the ocean. Therefore, those who can summon sand, water, and salt are from the Umi Tribe, the tribe of the ocean.


This following list shows each tribe's general capabilities. These list are just the tip of the iceberg of what you can expect to see in the Shokan Series.


Hikari Tribe shokans are capable of; exuding heat, flames and solar beams. Some are able to speed the healing process by using light energy. Some are able to develop the ability to see in heat or x-ray vision. Masters are capable of creating visual Illusions (holograms) and traveling at Light Speed.


Shido Tribe shokans are capable of; summoning any plant and make it grow instantly and manipulate how it moves. Masters are capable of using advanced botany to create any plant imaginable and summon it. Examples: Mushroom bombs, Seed shooter, Heat seeking vines, etc.


Umi Tribe shokans are capable of; summoning bodies of water including fish. They can instantly create weapons or blades by summoning salt or ice. They can blast a powerful jet stream or create geysers and summon quicksand. They can summon molecules from the ocean to temporarily multiply their cells to stretch their body or even grow.

Well, this is the rundown of the main Shokan Abilities. This alone made me super excited about writing this series. If you enjoyed reading this you will love reading the first book in the series, "Crimson Blood."

Now that you know of the capabilities of each tribe, you MUST pick one! Which tribe would you want to be from? Tell us on Facebook.

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