Canadas 150th what makes canada so amazing?

Canada is turning 150 years old. Which means Canada has been around since 1867. Canada is one of the most safest places you will probably live in. Other countries are not as diverse as Canada. Some countries don't even have medical or health care, but Canada has free health care. And last but not least Canada climate is just amazing. Canada has all four seasons, spring, summer, fall and winter. Thats not it, but those are the 3 main things I love about Canada.

These 3 Pictures are visuals of things i love about Canada.

Canada is excellent when it comes to Health care. Canada provides preventative care and medical treatment. Canada's health care system is set by the Federal Government. The free health care system covers health insurance plans for all citizens. The health care system also allows access to hospitals, dentistry and more medical use. Every Canadian gets health care coverage without any bad or good medical history, personal cash flow or how they living. However the cost of surgeries, emergency care and ambulance transportation all cost various different amounts. But general medical care is taken care with taxes you pay!

Canada is a very diverse country. Canada is a very welcoming country for every different race from the beginning. Now, Canada is known for the highest division/percent of a multicultural country. Which means there are over 200 different spoken languages in Canada. Canadians aren't much of a racist/unequal bunch, clearly because of how many different countries have come to Canada leaving their home towns knowing that no one will say anything to them or harm them. Canada allows all different types of immigrants from any country join us. "Diversity is Canada's strength", said by the prime minister of Canada. Canada has always had an open entry for anyone. And while the years grow with biased people, Canada has never changed the way it was till and has always been admirable and polite country. Statistics show that Canada's percentage of diversity will increase rapidly.

This picture represents a bunch of different people who have come together to show everyone that Canada is avery diverse country.

SUMMER, WINTER, FALL, and SPRING the four seasons of Canada. Now we all have a favourite season. But if we look at different countries that are close to the equator only have one season, which is summer. And having one season your whole life gets a bit boring, and also having summer as your one season is worse. IN winter the climate gets up to -25 degrees celsius which is freezing. The advantages of having winter as one of your four seasons is getting to go skating, skiing, snowboarding, building cool things with the snow and more. In the summer the climate goes up to 35 degrees Celsius which is burning hot but also have advantage. These advantages also have disadvantages to them like for winter, you can get frost bites or even snow storms which blocks all the road. In summer theres a higher chance of skin cancer which can be decreased if you take care of yourself, by applying sunscreen. On the other hand there is Spring and fall. The two seasons which have an average climate and don't have many disadvantages unless you hate rain and leaves falling.

Wow! Canada's just amazing. By looking at these three fascinating things about Canada, it just wants me to never leave from here. Canada doesn't only have great free health care or diversity or even the climate but the attractions, food, the people and more. I hope you enjoyed this Presentation. And have a great 150th Canada day.


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