French Revolution By ; dioni rose

The French Revolution had been this big complication due to the King and Queen only caring for themselves , how common people had no say in government and of course people's basic rights being denied

The French Revolution not only struck other countries but as well as Napolen also known as a military leader as well as conquering most of Europe in the early 19th century

Napolen had been defeated in the Battle of Waterloo as him and his troops marched into Belgium where at the same time British and Prussian troops were camping

The Reign of Terror was a time of violence and had happened after the onset of the French Revolution due to the conflict between the Girondins and Jacobins

As The Reign of Terror came to end so did the life of the leader Maximillen Robespierre due to execution the purpose of The Reign of Terror was to purge France of those who were against the Revolution

Napolen to me was seen as a hero because of how he lead a strong military which in result allowed him to expand the French territory and also because he had modernized France

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