Resilience, Impact & Shared Reseponsibility 03 Dec 2020 4pm-6pm

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About our Panelists

Ranadeep Sinha (M·A·C Cosmetics)

Ranadeep Sinha is the Viva Glam Project Leader of M·A·C Cosmetics India and also a Trainer (North India region) at M·A·C. He has been passionate about World AIDS Day since he joined M·A·C in 2011 and has contributed to the cause by actively selling Viva Glam lipsticks to customers; encouraging colleagues and customers to contribute to the lives of people affected by HIV/AIDS. He has also volunteered for other organisations (like Naz Foundation Trust) in Delhi for events of World AIDS Day. His other interests include doing makeup and transforming lives.

Dr Sunil Suhas Solomon MBBS, PhD, MPH

Dr Sunil Suha Solomon is the Chairman of the YR Gaitonde Medical Educational and Research Foundation. Dr. Sunil is an Associate Professor in Medicine, in the Division of Infectious Diseases, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA. A medical doctor and public health specialist, his research focuses on the epidemiology, clinical management and access to HIV and HCV care among vulnerable Indian populations such as people who inject drugs and men who have sex with men. He has published extensively on these topics in highly ranked peer-reviewed journals .

Rochelle D'Souza Yepthomi MA (Psychology)

Rochelle D'Souza Yepthomi is a psychologist. She has experience working with women and children living with HIV and more recently children with cancer, and those with type 1 diabetes under the Camp Rainbow Project in collaboration with SeriousFun Children's Network, USA. Her interests include using therapeutic recreation, creative arts therapy and psychodrama while doing individual or support group sessions on psychosocial and mental health issues.

Rifa Khan, MBBS, MPH

Dr Rifa Khan is a clinical epidemiologist, focused on systems strengthening with equitable healthcare delivery models for vulnerable and marginalized populations. She works on infectious diseases dynamics of HIV, HCV, TB in high-risk groups, preventive cardiology in children and adolescents living with HIV and preventive oncology for women living with HIV.

Shanmugam Saravanan, PhD (Microbiology)

Dr. Shanmugam Saravanan is an Associate Professor at the YRG CARE Infectious Diseases Laboratory in Chennai. He is heading the state-of-art International & Regional HIV-1 Specialty Genotyping and Molecular Biology Laboratory and has been involved for more than 15 year in NIH DAIDS clinical trials as a site virologist. His key areas of study include HIV drug resistance, sequence analysis and characterization of different HIV subtypes. His current area of interest besides others is to find a cure for HIV/AIDS.

Dr. Chawng Lungmuana, MBBS (Public Health Researcher)

Dr Chawng, a medical doctor from Mizoram with Shalom (NGO), has 20 years of experience working with HIV. He is involved in research and public health - targeted interventions among vulnerable populations – people who inject drugs, female sex workers and MSM. He started the first Opioid Substitution in Mizoram, is currently their Master Trainer. He leads Adolescent Health Interventions (including substance abuse prevention and treatment, sexual and reproductive health, and mental health issues). He has extensive experience working in prisons as a healthcare provider and trainer on behavior change communication. He has extensive networking skills at various levels – local, northeast, nationally and internationally.

The YRG 121 Project

Ask YRG | One to One |

YRG121 is an initiative of the YR Gaitonde Medical, Educational and Research Foundation. It leverages the spirit of volunteering to connect the community of Chennai to specialised health services notably for HIV, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), Hepatitis C Virus (HepC) and now with the current pandemic COVID-19. The project works with young people in particular, helps them understand the behaviours that put them at risk, and connects them to counselling and testing. The project provides social media awareness, telecounseling, tele therapy, individual and support group sessions.

April - October 2020: YRG121 Team prepared a Handbook and Training Program, conducted 21 Training Sessions and 14 phone practice sessions in various languages, 725 Telecounseling Sessions, 38 Virtual Therapy Sessions (Mental Health Support) & 12 Support Group Sessions (Psychosocial Support)

COVID-19 Response: YRG121 COVID-19 Mental Health Support Project in Chennai & Bangalore

April 2020: Nutrition supplies for 8400 persons @ Chennai public hospitals over 4 weeks during the initial lock down phase
Call Us 044-3312 5000 | 8 AM- 8 PM | English | Hindi | Tamil | Kannada

Memories bring back memories....

YRGCARE Founder-Director, Dr Suniti Solomon first documented evidence of HIV in India in 1986

Much appreciation!!!

YRGCARE much appreciates the support from M·A·C Cosmetics for their support through 2015-2020
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