ABC's of Africa! By: nIcole Deering

A is for Africa!

  • Africa is the second largest Continent on Earth
  • Africa is south of Europe

B is for Berber Tribe

  • They call themselves amazigh (which means "free man")
  • The Berber tribe originated in the Sahara desert

C is for Chorlera (disease)

  • The first Asiatic Cholera began in eastern Africa
  • It is an acute diarrhea disease that kills in hours if left untreated

D is for Djbouti (city)

  • On the horn of africa
  • population of 872,932 in 2013

E is for Ebola

  • Killed lots of people in Africa
  • originally found in Africa

F is for France

  • One if the colinies that colonized West Africa
  • France has attempted to maintain a hegemonic foothold in francophone Africa


Created with images by puliarf - "Serengeti Sunset" • designerpoint - "hippo hippopotamus animal" • D-Stanley - "Felsenkirche" • romanboed - "Mount Meru at Sunset" • peterstuartmill - "meerkat animal wild" • markusspiske - "globe africa europe" • jonrawlinson - "sahara camel ride" • Ephemeral Scraps - "Kidneys of hog cholera" • CDC Global Health - "Rapid Diagnostic Testing for Cholera" • uscgpress - "Djbouti is the camel crossroads" • US Army Africa - "Soldiers bolster Djiboutian English language skills" • CDC Global Health - "Ebola virus" • Fr Antunes - "Arles France" • mangMangW - "strasbourg, france"

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