Tomb Treasures By: Anthony

Asian Arts Museum

Yesterday we went on a field trip to the Asian Arts Museum. We looked at a special exhibit called tomb treasures containing new discoveries of relics from the ancient Chinese Han dynasty. I will be explaining what I think of two of those items.

Body Armor

This was a set of body/head armor from the museum. It looked semi protective, but some weapons could probably break it. I know they didn't have a lot of modern weapons then, but still. It looked like each piece was carefully put together, not just some big metal slabs like most people think today when they think of armor. We can guess that this was worn by warriors, knowing the Han dynasty did fight with others nearby. We can also guess that whoever made this made it to win, considering the careful placement.

Dancer Statue

This statue looks like it is made of stone. It looks like its dancing. It seems like it was made a long time ago,(because of the scratches) and probably means that they did dances and other things of that sort back then. This means that they had the time to create the statue for entertainment.

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