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SPS Room: PAB 135


We, the physics and astronomy students of the University of Washington, in order to provide the opportunity for students to create a closer relationship with the faculty of the Physics and Astronomy Departments, have a better understanding of the present state of physics, astronomy, and other related fields as an occupation, expand their interest in the field of physics, and to have a healthy study environment, do ordain to establish this chapter of the Society of Physics Students at the University of Washington.

The Society of Physics Students at the University of Washington (Seattle - Zone 17) has been a proud member chapter of the National Society of Physics Students since April 22, 1968.

SPS @ UW is led by peer-elected undergraduate physics students.

Fall Quarter | 2018

SPS @ UW hosts regular events and gatherings for students in an effort to encourage collaboration and to provide opportunities for academic growth.


Hosted Weekly on Mondays @ 12:30PM

First Seminar: October 1, 2018

Professor Olmstead’s Town Hall

“After a brief overview of recent and upcoming changes in the physics undergraduate program, Prof. Olmstead will take questions, listen to feedback, and discuss your suggestions.”

Location: Room PAB B135


Hosted Every Other Thursday @ 4:30PM

First Presentation(s): October 4, 2018

Opening Presenters & Topics TBA

Location: Room PAB B135



The Society of Physics Students (SPS) at the University of Washington (UW - Seattle) is a student-led academic organization with limited resources. We rely on financial support from private donors and organizations to cover operational expenses.

SPS@UW Needs Your Support!

Charitable donations enable SPS at UW (Seattle) to purchase essential supplies, such as digital presentation equipment, and help offset the costs of hosting multiple events each week for current physics students and undergraduates considering pursuing research physics.

Please see descriptions of supplies and events below. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated.

Donations Securely Processed by PayPal
Item One

HD Digital Projector

for Research Presentations

Goal: 400.00 USD

Why We Need It:

Having unfettered access to a high-defintion digital projector is crucial to the mission of SPS at UW. Purchasing a digital projector to be used solely for SPS @ UW gatherings will allow a greater number of graduate and undergraduate students to effectively utilize the SPS classroom as well as off-site meeting spaces. Dedicating a portable, high-defintion projector to enabling more frequent sharing of both research findings and project workflow insights will allow students attending SPS @ UW events to efficiently collaborate and, when appropriate, integrate to avoid redundancies. This item will significantly increase group project productivity while fostering mutually beneficial relationships among peers who would typically be unaware of redundant or related efforts.

SPS at UW regularly hosts events and collaborative meetings to encourage more undergraduate students to pursue basic research by facilitating a greater understanding of the various fields within the physics dicipline.

This vital piece of presentation equipment will also have the added benefits of allowing students to develop their public speaking skills and become more comfortable engaging in productive, informal discussions about their work with any person, regardless of their familiarilty with the technical aspects of physics and astronomy research.

Item Two

Lunchbox Seminars

Goal: $400.00 USD

Why We Need It:

The lunchbox seminar has been a strong tradition at the University of Washington in which the visiting colloquium speaker is given a free lunch and an hour to sit down with undergrads in the SPS room to talk about everything from their research to their path through academia. It is a fantastic opportunity for undergraduates to receive candid advice and stories about graduate school and research from an extremely broad cast of physics professors.

Item Three


Goal: 475.00 USD

Why We Need It:

This will allow us to fund a road trip to Hanford, Washington to visit the incredible Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) that has been responsible for multiple break through measurements of merging black holes and neutron stars! Our SPS will coordinate with LIGO and other SPS chapters to work towards a tour of the facility geared specifically towards physics and astronomy majors.

Item Four

Research Presentations

Goal: $200.00 USD

Why We Need It:

In order to support the start of the graduate to undergraduate research presentations we want to welcome the graduates with food and coffee as well as provide inexpensive food for undergraduates as the talks will be taking place in the late afternoon.

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SPS @ UW Leadership


Chapter President

Elected May 2018

University of Washington (Seattle Campus)

Society of Physics Students | Zone 17

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