Analyzing Images Jim Wentworth

What simple story does this cartoon tell?

What prior knowledge is necessary to make sense of this story? What does the creator expect the reader will bring to this story?

  • a basic understanding of physics
  • recognition of a picnic basket and knowing what it generally contains
  • the knowledge that two sequenced images should be read from left to right and can signify a change in time

These required understandings represent three ways of knowing that content creators should always keep in mind

1 - Experiential knowledge 2 - Cultural Knowledge 3 - Medium-specific Knowledge

What are the possible interpretations of this image?

What prior knowledge do you bring to this interpretation?

How do you read each of these images?

Advocacy Graphics

Student work created sometime around 2000

Advocacy Graphic Rubric

  • 1) Strength of Argument (combination of textual & visuals)
  • 2) Inventiveness and Originality
  • 3) Graphical Design Quality: composition, layout, graphics & photography

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